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 International Eagle COE v1
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International Eagle COE v1

Here is a International Egale COE. It is paintable with options, it will not get dirty. I hope you all enjoy it and feel free to change it how you like. Just don't forget to but the credits in for the mod. Thanks and happy farming.


  • Nighthawk
    2017-04-05 10:01
    ROGUEMOD we all know your a lil douche bag who couldnt mod or edit your way out of a paper bag. We all know these are Bart Mannings trucks, NOT yours. Do us all a favor and just disappear.
  • Wolf_hunter
    2017-04-05 10:41
    What is the original facebook page this mod is from? id rather get it right from the source instead or someone stealing mods
  • Blackdragon
    2017-04-05 10:51
    Wolf Hunter; Its from Last Stand FS Modding and Editing
  • Tim121672
    2017-04-05 12:08
    I see the 10 year old with no talent is claiming someone else's work again. I think you should change your name to bougemod instead, it would be more fitting....
  • Roguemod
    2017-04-05 15:19
  • Mike baier
    2017-04-05 16:54
    Nobody likes a thief... Stop stealing others hard work. Its people like you that are destroying the Modding Community. Stop being a dirt bag. The sad thing? You dont even have to steal these mods from Bart Manning at Last Stand. He freely shares his time and hard work on his Facebook page for all to enjoy. You sir.... Are a douche bag asshole. I'd like to shove "a like" up your thieving ass!
  • Banhim
    2017-04-05 21:07
    Roguemod is Peter Klode Davidson.
  • Nice job
    2017-04-05 21:55
    Nice job little fucker. now Bart isn't releasing anymore mods. ASSHOLE
  • Tim121672
    2017-04-05 23:30
    10 likes and you will share the ford, LOSER anyone can get the ford if they go to Last Stand FS Modding and Editing FB page. they are the ones who built all the mods that this HACK is trying to claim as his own work. 10 likes, your such a joke and now the FS community knows it. How does it feel getting ejected from all of the modding groups? was it worth claiming someone else's hard work as your own? You didn't even offer a service because all the mods were already available for the public.
  • Seanpierce
    2017-04-06 01:06
    every one should edit his photos and post them in the pics i did mine :)
  • Reaver bonds
    2017-04-06 04:19
    It's all good cause we are getting close to who it is. We have tracked the IP address ROGUEMOD. Soon you will see shit hit the floor. Trust me. Never ever "FUCK "over a retired Marine or a retired FBI Agent. Shit won't end to well trust me.
  • Roguemod
    2017-04-06 06:48
    Reaver Bonds, I have Crayons that should keep the jar head busy for awhile unless he chokes on it, you know how much they like them and I will get some donuts.
  • Roguemod
    2017-04-06 06:53
    well its been its been fun watching the "mod gods" their words. Cry like little bitches but its time to move on to other adventures. Have fun and happy farming!!!!
  • Jim


    2017-04-06 07:06
    I just got my penis stuck in the keys. What do i need to do to get it out??? HELP ME PLEASE
  • Exusarmy
    2017-04-06 11:35
    Get fuckin real, its funny how the thief keeps burying himself deeper and deeper, has the brain the size of a pea
  • Aaron
    2017-04-07 16:03
    Is there any way someone who does not use facebook to get this from the true source?
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