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Autumn Oaks v1.1.0.0
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Autumn Oaks v1.1.0.0

Fixed plowing/grass issue with multi angle terrain
Fixed floating adstrip in shop at dairy farm
Changed gate to open into the alley vs out into the lane on the old farm you start at
Optimized map foliage layers to run better frame rates
Removed traffic splines from the forest
Autumn Oaks is a fictional placed based off real world imagery from northeast Wisconsin. This is an American styled map based around small family farms.
The map features all of the basic game functions with custom crop textures, multi terrain angle, chopped straw, animated gates and lights, extra foliage layers,
and customized weather and foliage for the seasons mod. Fields 1 through 4 are actually the farms as a whole and come with the surrounding fields when you buy
that particular farm. The map starts at farm 1, a small older style farm, and can work your way up to purchase the other farms and fields on the map. Though I
centered the map around dairy farming, there is one sell point where you can sell crops, sell wool, buy and sell livestock, buy and sell vehicles, and aquire other
base game commodities. There is also an area to sell lumber and woodchips behind a neighbors house at his woodshop. NOTE:The grass has been changed to townDECOGRASS,
so you can not mow it, the normal grass you mow has been changed to Alfalfa. If you attempt to plow a new field where the townDECOGRASS is, it will not remove the


  • Lag


    2018-02-06 20:49
    Still laggy af. Can't play it on my 1060 and i7. NOT FIXED
  • What lag
    2018-02-07 03:22
    I play it on my 4gb video card and 3.4 i7 with 8gb of ram, I dont have even a tiny amount of lag on this map. 60fps with mods.
  • What lag
    2018-02-07 03:23
    I7 4790 3.6 my bad.
  • Yeah, what lag?
    2018-02-08 03:12
    I agree. I do not have any lag either on this map. Using old PC parts -AMD 8350 processor, R390 graphics card and 16 gigs of ram. Nothing special at all.....
  • Rakkasans
    2018-03-01 02:26
    The only thing I don't like is that fact that some of the fields are not select-able for courseplay. The farm silo doesn't work correctly, it says I have product in it, but, when you go under the spout to fill a trailer, it says its empty. I have inserted a different silo in.
  • Lag


    2018-03-26 20:03
    It lags on the farm still. It isn't mods either.
  • Gord
    2018-08-19 00:18
    Works good for me on my i7 laptop with no video card. Quit crying and give your mod folder some attention.
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