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God's Country v1.1
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God's Country v1.1

This is my first attempt at upgrading a map (Sosnovka). I've always liked Sosnovka but I was never happy with the architecture and other things. I think of this map as a 21st century Sosnovka.

Greenhouse production
Soymilk production by slowtide63
KevinK98's Sawmill
Farmer Andy's Seedmaster
Farmer Andy's Compostmaster
Fermenter 5000 by GTX Mods
Kastor's Cow an Pig food mixers
Gold nuggets
8 extra foliage layers
Choppedstraw by webalizer
BlackSheep Modding's Multifruit
Additional crops - Rye, oat, spelt, triticale, millet, sorgum.
No Errors

Mods you should get.
The map has chopped straw by webalizer installed so you could download the control file from the Giant's offical website mods section if you wish to activate it.

The marhu sites stop milk sale placeable mod. Milk sales are at the bakery in the back yard.

Farmer_Andy's Kotte Garrant Universal Tanker mod and a must for the map, again from the marhu.net website.

Much of my inspiration came from Stevies Pine Cove Farm. I want to thank him not only for inspiration but for his knowledge, wisdom and patience. Also thanks to ShyWizard and his very informative Youtube videos. And of course, thanks to God for everything. This maps was an entertaining, learning experience built from Sosnovka.

Giant's Software, Stevie, Marhu, Kevink98, Farmer_Andy, Webalizer, Blacksheep, Kastor, FSModding, slowtide63, GTX Mods

If I have failed to mention anyone I apologize. There are many things added to this map and if you see something you created, please let me know so I can give you the credit you deserve. I didn't create any of the mods in this map and I have nothing but respect for those who did. Thanks to the modding community for all their hard work.

  • Like_it
    2017-05-26 15:22
    This must be the best Sosnovka edit. Very nice work. And you got alot to do. When you also have had Stevie to help you, it is good. By the way, did not find the Biofuel raffenrie. where is it located? I took just a fast look, so i probably noticed it. And again very nice work .Best regard
  • Lordfoul69
    2017-05-26 15:39
    Thank you, the BioFuel is just up the road from the farm. Past the vehicle shop.
  • Seb


    2017-05-26 16:06
    la carte fait 1007 mb bye comments es possible de avoir autant de 1007 mb sur une carte je suis un peu moddeur a remps predu es je tu dit que tu fait des erreur car ma carte prive il trois fois + et 3 fois moins de MB !!!
  • Like_it
    2017-05-26 17:23
    Thank you Lordfoul69. I will take a look. And how does greenhoses work? where is the pallet mover? Or are they located in the big building at the farm? sorry for all the questions. I think that was my last question. Thank you again. And by the way, no erros or warnings in my log. So that is very nice. I do have some mods in my folder, so no conflict as of now.Best regards
  • Patrick
    2017-05-26 19:43
    merci,LODFOUL69 pour cette version de sosnovka.exellent travail j'adore cette carte ,avec toutes les amelioration apportee par tes soinsc'est vraiment au topun grand merci a toiRESPECT
  • Farmerklein
    2017-05-26 20:16
    Map hangs for me when loading. last entry in the log is the Fabrikscript for slow_soja
  • Thecleaner
    2017-05-26 22:42
    Traffic Russian and the map style American jajajajajajajajaja
  • Lordfoul69
    2017-05-27 04:06
    The greenhouse pallet movers are in the large polebarn at the farm.
  • Like_it
    2017-05-27 12:49
    Thank you Lordfoul69. Much fun i will have on this map. Nice day to you sir.. Kind regards
  • Steven
    2017-05-27 17:26
    map loading hangs on loading slow_soja fabrikscript
  • Elsker
    2017-05-28 14:24
    The map looks fantastic in game, I have only loaded it up and driven around to check everything out and harvested the first field. worked great with courseplay, and like the idea of the greenhouse pallets and wool showing up in the warehouse not sure about having the animal farms so split up but will definitely be playing this map to see how it goes. Thank you for all your effort, it has a very professional feel to it.
  • Richard
    2017-05-28 14:24
    Very nice map but I can't seem to be able to fill the Kotte tankers with fuel. I tried the pumps by the composter and at the fuel station near the shop. The tractors fuel properly but not the tanks. Tried a few of them. They will fill with other liquids but not fuel. I want to make compost but can't fill it with fuel.
  • Richard
    2017-05-28 14:27
    Also a question about the seed machine. Is there anywhere to store seeds? The silo won't take them and the machine doesn't feed the sowers, at least not for me. Are there other silos on the map? My PDA shows different totals than the silo when I try to pick up a load.Thanks again. Very nice map.
  • Elsker
    2017-05-28 16:36
    @Richard there is a special kotte tanker which is yellow for fuel only the green ones don't take fuel. just look through the list in the shop its usually after all the green ones for me.
  • Sbylfc
    2017-05-28 20:23
    Richard there is a mod that is called molty lager .its a silo placable wich only cost 10k its got 800k cap and it store evtng.or u can dump the seed under a shed amd pick with front loader to the seeder.i love this map !the only thing is that the mill don't pay for the cmpost .so it needs a ltl work on it.im sure that it will get fixed.cose it looks like this guy is very dedicated to is craft
  • Lordfoul69
    2017-05-28 20:57
    Richard, the sowing machines like the rapid 600s will take seeds from the seed master directly. Just hit "N" to open the lid and "R" to fill. SBYLFC thanks for the heads up about the mill. You can still sell compost at the various other sell points or just bag it up right there by the compost master for a nice, steady income. Thanks for playing my map, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have :)
  • Sbylfc
    2017-05-28 21:32
    69 keep up the gr8 work.love this map and any time u associate with guys like stevie only good things will come out of it .thanks
  • Richard
    2017-05-28 23:22
    Thx. The yellow tank works but the others say they take fuel too. I figured out the seed master too. Still confused why the PDA says I have some sunflowers, canola etc. but they don't show when I try to load a tipper. Loads I dump in the silo do show.
  • Lordfoul69
    2017-05-29 00:54
    There are small amounts of sunflower, canola and such in the silo at the pig pen...
  • Richard
    2017-05-29 14:39
    Thank you Lord
  • Richard
    2017-05-29 15:28
    I'm still having trouble getting some sowing machines to load under the Seedmaster. Sometimes they only load halfway, sometimes not at all. I ended up dumping into a tipper then onto the ground and filling with a front bucket until I can afford a good silo. I've tried reseting it for manual and auto.
  • Richard
    2017-05-29 19:49
    Another question...i figured out how to send the train but is there any way to see how much product I have loaded before sending it? I assume I get paid when the train dumps the load wherever it dumps it. Is there a way to enter the train?
  • Dave
    2017-05-30 18:19
    Another trick for the seedmaster: Buy an auger wagon and fill it with seeds. Put the auger wagon somewhere and open the pipe, and drive the sower under/near the pipe (you may have to fish around to find the trigger point - it will be in direct line with the pipe but the distance to the wagon is a little tricky to find).
  • Dave
    2017-05-30 18:23
    LordFoul: Great map! Been playing it for the last few days. Well done, sir. Great attention to detail, it's a very pretty map. I can definitely see Stevie's influence in the design, which is great. I appreciate the amount of effort and time you've put into this. Thank you very much for a really fun edit of Sosnovka.
  • Lordfoul69
    2017-05-31 00:07
    Thanks Dave and everyone else for the positive response. I'm glad you liked it. It was definitely a learning experience though one I very much enjoyed. I'm eager to work on a new map. :)
  • Alex2ruote
    2017-07-31 13:41
    I like it, even if the Sosnovka flair is a little bit lost. The BGA takes only silage and I can live with that but I don't get why there is a ramp when tippers don't work. I managed with the conveyor belt but it seems silly to unload a mountain of silage on the ground. I also noticed that It takes a long time to load and unload liquids and crops, but I guess that it's more realistic.
  • Alex2ruote
    2017-07-31 14:03
    I forgot to mention that if you unload your straw at the barn, you won't get any money, and in the sell points list there's no other place indicated. I haven't tried yet, but at "Alba's" it looks like you can sell straw and hay. I just put a placeable sell point next to the farm.
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