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Van Triest Veevoeders decal v1.0
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Van Triest Veevoeders decal v1.0

This is a decal of Van Triest Veevoeders, you may use it on a private map or mod.
If you want to release a map or mod with this decal, please contact Van Triest Veevoeders.
In real life, the height of the decal is 10.1 cm, the width is 13.5 cm.
You may upload this paintjob if the credits are copied and
the name Van Triest Veevoeders is added in the description.
I have permission of Van Triest Veevoeders to upload this decal.
If you need help with import this decal in a map or mod, please send a personal message.

Texture: Van Triest Veevoeders, Maaslandmods
Idea / Concept: Maaslandmods

  • Maaslandmods
    2016-12-05 15:16
    Could you please enter the credits also in the main description?
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