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GMC Sierra Service Truck V1.0
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GMC Sierra Service Truck V1.0

I have converted this model from FS15 to FS17. The truck works fine and has some fixes to do but it is useable.

I have added:
- Grill Strobes
- Back Strobes
- Beacon

I have changed:
- The back wheels position
- Removed the crane
- Replaced the welder

For the future:
- High pressure wasser
- Animated parts on the side

The base model: Reaper9111,
The base model: Tony G Couchman,
The base model: BigCoutry.
The base model: Rambow145.
Converted by: Thijs1239
Fixed Lights by: Thijs1239
Added Beacons by: Thijs1239
Fixed the wheels by: Thijs1239

  • Haha
    2017-02-04 15:35 Send message
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    Reuploaded mod created by Richwoodrocket, IDIOT, that is the license plate he used on his mod, at least change that STUPID, all you did was put a trump bumper sticker on it, and hid a few things on the back and made the mod larger, how stupid do you take us?
  • Thijs1239
    2017-02-04 16:15 Send message
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    I have fixed the wheels,installed beacons and strobes.fixed the lights
  • Anonymous
    2017-02-04 16:35 Send message
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    Don't forget that the mod still has Chevy rims. Definitely needs some work still.
  • Thijs1239
    2017-02-04 16:47 Send message
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    yeah i know, I try soon as possible to fix that all
  • Guest
    2017-02-04 17:22 Send message
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    For one this mod is stolen from woodmeadow, two the beacons dont work worth a damn, and three why put the exhaust in the grill as well.
  • Thijs1239
    2017-02-04 18:12 Send message
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    This mod has not been stolen, I have converted it. and the beacons work
  • Eagle355th
    2017-12-27 10:20 Send message
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    LOL Now this truck Is a messed up lol GMC n Chevy Heheheh GIT-R-Done LOL
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