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Huge Cat Pack v2.0
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Huge Cat Pack v2.0

This is the Cat Pack Converted to FS17 by winston9587 this Pack has 16 mods or 15 zip files must unzip main ZIP and copy each file to your mods folder. all proper credits are in the moddesc of each mod.

Credits: Original fs13 author Goelm / Cat Edit Getsome2030 Converted to FS17 By winston9587.

  • Silviu1993
    2017-06-24 12:31
    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW1ocuowBLs
  • Ralf
    2017-06-24 16:48
    Hallo Leute habe heute Den Pack Cato runter geladen,es wird zwar angezeigt als Mode aber lässt sich nicht kaufen im Shop die Auswahl wird gekauft dann läuft die sand Uhr aber nichts passiert
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-25 01:54
  • Pat


    2017-06-25 02:20
    the trailors work great but the vehivles, trucks and tractors wont load, any idea?
  • Blacky
    2017-06-25 02:51
    love CAT equpiment sweet
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-25 06:57
    Is this Version Winston Just did?
  • Ronfs17junki
    2017-06-25 19:52
    dont work whit buying trucksDont wont downloadingplease make it to work
  • Farmer
    2017-06-25 21:07
    trailers load but trucks don't. please fix
  • Silviu1993
    2017-06-25 21:55
    who help me put my video on this mode ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW1ocuowBLs&t=156s
  • Dont download
    2017-06-25 21:59
    not winston's some joke of an idiot screwed these up, Winston's mods are only on MODLAND
  • Alf


    2017-06-26 04:08
    Winston's and idiot himself.
  • Alf


    2017-06-26 04:19
    Sorry forgot the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64gUTd6KF6s
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-27 12:54
    Hey Another Cat Pack I'm uploading Repaint FS17_CatPackV1 All the Machines has been modifiedFor more horse Power Speed High LitersAlso made the Lights Brighter for Night.. Will be posted later today! Have A Nice Day!
  • Updated here is new mods
    2017-06-28 02:08
    download link here in vid https://www.youtube.com/dashboard?o=U
  • Cotton bales in fs17???
    2017-06-28 06:14
    How you make COTTON BALES with Contest Mod??? https://youtu.be/WTfz2VJdh28?t=6m29s
  • Cats broken
    2017-06-28 21:41
    Yeah I can only get a couple of them to load in game. They are in the shop, but hangs on purchase. The 2 things I could buy looked good though
  • Eagle355th
    2017-06-29 22:17
    Remove the Light addon And You'll enjoy a great CAt Pack.. I am going to repaint these Yellow.. Give me time.. Just so you all Know I've been trying to get The Lightaddon to work with the cat Pack.. I redid a few things on it and so far so good also Use the AAA_UniversalProcessKit It helps alot of things work.. Good luck..
  • Eagle355th
    2017-07-06 04:54
    DO NOT USE the Light Addon and the 4REAL MODULE 01 Will interrupt a lot of mods .
  • Interested person
    2017-11-01 05:19
    please at least fix with light addon. NOT having it breaks plenty others.
  • Interested person
    2017-11-01 05:30
    also, the 980h can't change its steering direction while its moving
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