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Dump Ramp v1.0.2.7
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Dump Ramp v1.0.2.7

​Hello FS 17 farmers.
​I have converted a ramp for the Jenz crushers for us to use in FS17. I have tested this extensively and it does work. Let me know of any issues. I have not found any.
​Purchase in placeables in store for $12,500. Then start loging.
​Use dumper or belt type trailers to load 1 meter logs into. Wall pusher logs seem to cause problems with logs going every where insted of out the back.
​Credit to Ingo for orginal FS 15 mod
​Converted and improved by Bulwark for FS 17.
Have fun!    https://youtu.be/1XpAlZLiCwo

Original mod for FS 15 by Ingo
Converted and improved for FS 17 by Bulwark

  • Koalat
    2017-01-20 02:55
    Another fantastic mod here on modhub. Very good idea!
  • Bulwark
    2017-01-20 04:55
    I appreciate the support. Your gratitude makes it worth the while and seeing the 800+ downloads is awesome feeling. I am currently working on some more Ideas. Now that I have published my firs mod conversion. I am working on an original idea I've had even back in FS15.
  • Junk mod
    2017-01-22 09:02
    it crashes your game do not use
  • Kelvin
    2017-01-22 17:08
    only for i have
  • Bulwark
    2017-01-29 00:26
    It would be better if you reported the problem specifically and then the modder (me) could check the files and see what the problem is and issue a updated version. Also there may be a conflict in a different mod that is causing the crash.
  • Bulwark
    2017-01-29 00:27
    Things to know. Does it crash when you buy it? Does it crash when you sell it? Does it crash the game at a random time after you have purchased it? With over 1000 downloads and only 1 report that it's crashing your game crash. Then I would say you have a mod conflict or you need to change the load order of where the mod gets loaded into your game.
  • Bulwark
    2017-01-29 00:29
    Ok now I only published this one v1.0.2.7 so if there is a v1.2. I did not publish it and some one has updated it for me. I do not care and appreciate the help. This is my first published mod. Info would be great if you have trouble.
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