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3 bus stops including ticket receipts v1.0
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3 bus stops including ticket receipts v1.0

Here I have for you 3 bus stops, incl night lighting.
Free Placeable on your map.
You also get ticket revenue per bus stop and the number of people.
The amount of revenue depends on the level of difficulty you play,
so easy, medium, hard.
Our team wishes you a lot of fun with us more

Modell: TWD
Textur: TWD
Idee / Konzept: TWD
Tester: TWD
Sonstige: TWD

  • George
    2018-03-27 18:13
    love this but would be nice if there were single people and workers that are placeable like we had in earlier games maybe even the wild animals from other games
  • Allan
    2018-03-27 21:23
    tout a fait d'accord manque de personnage .
  • Toro
    2018-03-28 00:30
    Hmmmmm ....... Busstop is Okay, but where is the right bus for that?
  • Sturdy
    2018-03-28 01:41
    stop only one. no functionality!Deceiver!!!
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