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SweetFX FS17 Improved graphics v1.0
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SweetFX FS17 Improved graphics v1.0

1. Download Reshade + Sweet FX (All files in the zip!)
2. Unrar files and run Reshade setup, choose .exe of the game what you want to apply this preset.
3. Download this preset and rename to SweetFX_settings.
4. Finally open game folder then SweetFX folder and overwrite SweetFX_Settings with my preset.


  • Thiky
    2016-11-03 16:31
    any tutorial?
  • Stupid
    2016-11-03 23:28
    Has rootkit viruses! Be warned! NO in game mods require EXE, This is an attempt to load viruses as rootkits which many AV programs will not catch, BE WARNED!
  • Jan


    2016-11-06 19:48
    Virus? LOL idiot... No virus..
  • Koalat
    2017-03-29 01:43
    @Jan SweetFX never uses an .exe dude... BeamNG.drive has a ReShade mod using SweetFX and there is NO .exe file. Granted, it is a different game, texture files are 99% cut/copy and paste. Sorry to say you are the idiot lol
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