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HTZ 181 + Blade V1.0
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HTZ 181 + Blade V1.0

Included: Tractor and blade. Tractor - Power 190 hp The speed is 18 km / h. Lighting technology, working dashboard, animation of the dashboard and fan, animation of the farmer's hands, soundproofing, choice (standard / dowel attachment) for purchase, animation (sprockets, rollers, caterpillars), adjustable rear hitch (mouse), leaves traces, dust From under the caterpillars. Washable. Blade - For Sale separately.in the category Front loader, Lowered / raised (with mouse), washable. Capacity: 4000 liters. Pushes: all standard loads.
Installation: a file in a ZIP format - transfer files / my games / farmingsimulator2017 / mods /

ANUBIS95, kto-totutzdes, Brigadier_82

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