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Porta Westfalica v2.0
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Porta Westfalica v2.0

Welcome to the Weserbergland around the Porta Westfalica.

Version 2.0
New productions for yoghurt (dairy) and salad mix (delicatessen Minden).
A passable ferry built over the Weser. Garden center and horse farm.
The large BGA rebuilt so that the chopped material no longer trickles through the walls (as far as the standardsilos of Giants permit it). Decorations and eliminating minor flaws.

You have acquired a large court at the foot of the Wiehengebirge, which you want to bring back to old flower. If you want to play the LS 17 in a beautiful landscape with many possibilities, here is gold right.
There are 87 fields with a total of over 700 hectares, 3 large meadows, the city of Minden, the city of Porta Westfalica with the hamlets of Barkhausen and Hausberge, the villages of Hahlen, Bergkirchen and Häverstedt.
The standard fruits, rye, oats, triticale, hops, carrots, carrots and lettuce are used for fruits. Animals are kitchen, pigs and sheep.
Productions include a brewery, a bakery, a pastry shop, an orchard, a peat factory, a sand cow, a sugar factory, a distillery, a malthouse, a mill and a refinery. There are also two sawmills, one for the production of wooden pallets and one with the wooden train of Giants (LS13). Also the grain train (LS13) is installed.
On the farm there is a seed production, a fertilizer production, a production for liquid fertilizer, a compost master and a feedmashine for power feed and pig feed. In addition, a silage high silo was introduced for the production of silage.
There is a large BGA with throughput silos (about 12 million capacity) and a smaller BGA.
The following products can be produced and traded: bread, beer, schnapps, peat, sand, plums, cherries, cakes, compost, malt, flour and sugar. These form partial intermediate products for other productions, but can all be sold directly.
The produced fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and the seed can be used or sold themselves (garden centers, agricultural houses).
Two digital displays are installed on the courtyard that once show all the inventory levels and display the filling levels of all productions.
The map contains two harvesters to harvest the onions, carrots and lettuce.
In addition, I would like to point out the detailed description which is also enclosed, and ask you to read it, there most of the questions have already been answered.
There is KI traffic, pedestrian traffic and many other splines, just look around, then you will see.
I wish you a lot of fun while playing

Idee udn Ausführung GMCW
Ich danke allen Moddern, deren Arbeiten hier Verwendung gefunden haben. Da die Objekte zum Teil schon aus älteren Fassungen stammen und zahlenmäßig zu groß sind, nehmt bitte meinen pauschalen Dank.

  • Sigh
    2017-07-23 18:21
    Why don't map makers when they upload all these pictures at least load a shot of the complete map?
  • Blacky
    2017-07-23 23:47
    i bet the map mod won't download either again i bet probably have the same problem's as the last map he made
  • Fred
    2017-07-24 00:05
    Ressemble étrangement a SUDHEMMERN !
  • Snuff
    2017-07-24 01:11
    I agree about the photos 100%, but the map layout is nice and is 4x. I also did not have any issues at all with the first dl, but already made a bunch of additions to it so wont be dl'ing this one. BUT, great map IMO
  • Rayamo
    2017-07-24 03:10
    @SIGH: If you'd look on the original site you'll see a picture of the complete map. Please don't forget, that Thomas always is only copying files and pictures from the original sites. To see the picture of the whole map, please look here: https://www.modhoster.de/mods/porta-westfalica--2#[email protected]: GMCW is one of Germanys best modders. If there are problems with the map on your pc than check your mod-folder, maybe there areanother maps or mods which doesn't work with the map.
  • Lolo
    2017-07-25 14:25
    FRED tes une vedette toi
  • Fred
    2017-07-26 22:58
    En quoi je suis une vedette ?
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