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JOHN DEERE 4755 v2.0
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JOHN DEERE 4755 v2.0

new sounds
new textures
bug fixed
end more.
Please keep the original link to download

Modell: Alali/rafazr, Johny77
Textur: Alali/rafazr, Johny77
Script: Alali/rafazr, Johny77
Idee / Konzept: Alali/rafazr, Johny77
Tester: Alali/rafazr, Johny77
Sonstige: Alali/rafazr, Johny77

  • Ghost
    2017-01-31 01:01
    Johny77 is a theft, I did this mod configuration and now he reupload this on pay server and remove me from credits... shame of you mister
  • Lulz
    2017-02-01 02:28
    nobody cares, we are just here for the free mods..... lulz
  • Prjindigo
    2017-02-01 09:44
    File DMCA on his ass, has teeth
  • Mcooprf53
    2017-02-02 19:17
    looks great but sounds need a lot of work. collisions to terrain bounce badly like fs13.
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