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New Holland T9 v2.0
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New Holland T9 v2.0

You like these guys? Blue Power T9.450, T9.505, T9.560 configurable engines, wheels and crawler. American style. FS17 Mod. Convert and edit from FS15. Credit Lindbejb (LBJ Modding) FS15
Rafazr (BBM) FS15
Julian? fozzy691? FS15
Moltofill convert and edit to FS17

Gaints for base models and textures, model and texture rework by lindbejb (LBJ Modding)
Textures and Model:
lindbejb (lindbejb Modding) FS15
RowCrops, rear fenders: FS15
Rafazr (BBM)
Ati Tracks: FS15
Julian? fozzy691
convert and edit to FS17

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