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389 peterbilt v1.1
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389 peterbilt v1.1

Updated and enhanced version of the serious mods 389 peterbilt.  Has some tweaks to the sound pack since some items were missing. Added a jake brake that works when the keypad button 0 is hit. New train hornadded.  Added different fenders rather than the black fiberglass full fenders on the original. Added many new marker lights on side and front bumper. Special thanks to rt_40 for the convert and seriousmods for the original truck. Enjoy

Seriousmods, RT_40

  • @this is
    2017-05-24 00:27
    Shut the fuck up, loser. It's not thawk09's mod and seriousmods didn't make this either. both modders lick pouch, rim butthole, and smoke pole. and the loser that uploaded this piece of shit edit takes bukake from homeless people
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