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GMC Sierra Service Truck V2.0
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GMC Sierra Service Truck V2.0

I have converted this model from FS15 to FS17. The truck works fine and has some fixes to do but it is useable.

- license plate change
- Fixed some coronas for the Strobes

I have added:
- Grill Strobes
- Back Strobes
- Beacon
I have changed:
- The back wheels position
- Removed the crane
- Replaced the welder
For the future:
- High pressure wasser
- Animated parts on the side

The base model: Reaper9111,
The base model: Tony G Couchman,
The base model: BigCoutry.
The base model: Rambow145.
Converted by: Thijs1239
Fixed Lights by: Thijs1239
Added Beacons by: Thijs1239
Fixed the wheels by: Thijs1239

  • Guest
    2017-02-04 17:34
    For one this mod is stolen from woodmeadow, two the beacons still dont work worth a damn, and three why put the exhaust in the grill as well.
  • Thijs1239
    2017-02-04 18:11
    the beacons work, and I have converted this mod. I have NOT stolen this mod
  • Hycolake
    2017-02-04 18:17
    it freezes my game when I try to purchas in game at the store
  • Thijs1239
    2017-02-04 18:21
    What do you mean @HYCOLAKE?can you send me your logfile?
  • Guest
    2017-02-04 18:44
    you forgot farmerboy69 for the welder
  • Thijs1239
    2017-02-04 19:39
    thank you, i will put him in the credits by the next update
  • Vtnhpd2016
    2017-02-04 21:41
    When you were converting, you should have changed the front grille to a Chevy symbol and call it a damn Silverado to match the wheels and the steering wheel inside the cab..
  • Guest
    2017-02-05 03:46
    gm owns chevy they are the same trucks just different logos
  • Guest
    2017-02-05 12:15
    The brand in game is showing woodmeadow not Chevy or gmc @thijs1239
  • Vtnhpd2016
    2017-02-11 22:08
    Yes GM owns Chevy, along with GMC, Buick, Cadillac, and a handfull of other brands... Which is no different then Volkswagen owning Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and overseas-brands SEAT and Skoda. And Yes, the Silverado and the Sierra are ALMOST the exact same truck, but they are still different brands and are still different trucks. That's like saying a Suburban is the same as a Escalade...
  • Vtnhpd2016
    2017-02-11 23:21
    Or a Volkswagen Touareg is the same as a Porche Cayenne. My point is that if your going to take the time to Convert a mod, take the added time to correct it's errors, or in the first place why model a mod after an exact vehicle and then make minor changes to make it more inaccurate..? That's all im saying.
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