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Sprayer Bed For My Custom Peterbilt 388 v1
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Sprayer Bed For My Custom Peterbilt 388 v1

Here Is My Sprayer bed For The Peterbilt Module Truck it sprayer arm came from A amazone pantera so working width is the same at 41m wide with the added tank size of 36,000L I did turn liters per second down from 9.6 to 8 with the tank size most should be able to fertilize all of thier fields with one filling I dont play much anymore just mod some so fert 3 times I just dont do it any more and thought well for those doing multiple ferts per crop this is not really the thing to use reallisticly but for the ones that do it once before crop starts growing this will work great it does have beacon lights and two work lights but I had to add a light state to truck to make them work so the updated truck is in this pack keep check this is more than likely My last module uploaded by itself Im work on the few little kinks in the other modules then will release them as a single mod to save having so many mods in folder how ever I do have two more modules planned if i do build them they will release In the final pack.

Giants, Thunderhawk09

  • Ginger
    2017-02-08 15:58
    can you make a trailer that goes with the truck...one that will attach to the tipper,water tank and the sprayer
  • Bigkevin
    2017-02-08 16:16
    can you make a tow truck
  • Thawk09
    2017-02-08 18:09
    Im currently working on trailer that will work like the truck to allow modules to be towed with other Equipment
  • Guest
    2017-02-09 01:24
    a tow truck would be cool, like big kev said. was watching highway thru hell and thought of your mods.
  • Thawk09
    2017-02-09 01:51
    yeah all though it would be cool they serve no reasonable Purpose in this game so no tow truck sorry
  • Copenhagen
    2017-02-22 07:34
    @THAWK09 whats your contact info
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