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Dodge Ram work truck v1
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Dodge Ram work truck v1

I made a work truck off a dodge 3500 mod i give full credit to the person who made this mod i have a problem on zip files when go to zip t it makes a sub folder unzipped but it xipes the exterior i uses winrar if any knows how to zip a folder completly let me know.

I give full credit to all the creators of this mod

  • Psmodding
    2017-04-23 12:31
    Um, why did you upload this mod on this site? The truck is ATF"s and he gave no permission to release it anywhere else. Just tryin to help you not get beat to crap.
  • Bob


    2017-04-23 19:42
    LMFAO, You made a work truck huh??? You did not change nothing on the truck. Thats the way ATF released it. Probably reason ATF left the modding community and deleted his FB account. Dumb ass kids.
  • Bob12356
    2017-04-23 20:04
    did u even look at the mod in game
  • Bob


    2017-04-23 20:44
    Didnt bother downloading due to same truck ATF put it. If you made changes show them changes in the pictures so people know.
  • Psmodding
    2017-04-23 23:00
    What is it in the game?
  • Grimmmod
    2017-04-24 04:34
    stolen truck from james i know cause i have it and i been using it since AFT released it on march 30 2017 i downloaded this mod and its the same ! i removed james version and place this in folder, loaded the game and it was still registered in my saved game play i been playing nice try on stealing thief.
  • Hmingrimm
    2017-04-24 04:37
  • Hmingrimm
    2017-04-24 04:41
    its stolen !
  • Psmodding
    2017-04-25 12:38
  • Bob12356
    2017-04-26 02:16
    I put credits to this mod
  • Bandit modding 123
    2017-04-26 23:50
  • Bob12356
    2017-04-27 02:55
    im gonna remove it how do u remove
  • Devin dube
    2017-05-24 21:23
    please add a plow mount for snow plowing
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