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Bear County Fire Pack v1.0
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Bear County Fire Pack v1.0

Bear County Fire Pack for Farming simulator 17

1. Brush2
Function: brush to get you from point A to B
Power: 350
Price: 1
Brand: Ford
Category: fire_trucks

2. Command trailer
Price: 25000
Dailyupkeep: 15
Category: Misc

3. Engine 1
Power: 350
Price: 1
Brand: BRUSH
Category: fire_trucks

Mods were made by R&R Apparutus

R&R Apparutus

  • Unknown
    2018-08-30 20:22
    any body downloading these mods will be carged with a federal copyright lawsuit i know the owner and in contact with him now
  • Trucker123
    2018-08-30 20:35
    @UNKNOWN i want to see the copyright papers that say the mods are copyrighted
  • Unknown
    2018-08-30 20:44
    you have to contact the owner i already have and he is contacting mod hub and the law enforcement
  • Owenlevitt
    2018-08-30 21:03
    You do Know he doesnt have anything copyrighted he uses that to scare people
  • Unknown
    2018-08-30 21:06
    i am a state police officer and i am also contacting the local police as i have handled the original mod leak with the copyright fraud so we will be charging you and everyone that down loads this and we have already contacted the feds mod hub and many more
  • Ecmods
    2018-08-30 21:20
    What the actual fuck. Bear County Mod team spent alot of time on these you asshole.
  • Giants
    2018-08-30 23:58
    Giants licence agreement states once a mod is put through Ge it becomes property of Giants. And @UNKNOWN if you are a state police Officer why you hiding your Real name.
  • New guy
    2018-08-31 00:19
    HELP my barn is on fire.....I need a fake fire truck to put out the fake flames!!!!get a clue KIDSthis is a game about FARMING not fire tucks!
  • Unknown
    2018-08-31 02:27
    Oh John when are you going to learn, I tryed to warn you that people you keep threating was going to come back on you and look it did, you act like your shit don't stink and I must say what ain't the people who made them coming and say this and calling you out John Miller before I push charges against you for threating but to help you understand what copyright is,
  • Unknown
    2018-08-31 02:32
    and I hope you have a lot of money to go after everyone that download them and getting there address Mr Unknown who claims to be a cop who really is John making threat, oh john acting like a officer can get you into more trouble I think I will tell the FBI that
  • Unknown
    2018-08-31 02:52
    you leave john out of this he has been at work all day and it is ok this link is being pulled anyway mr george pullmer becaues i taked with him on the phone and he sent me the proff and mod hub the proof of the copyright so have fun on the black list as well as from everyone at out law hills since we know they r in on it
  • @unknown
    2018-08-31 05:43
    Wait I tried to warn him but he went after my group cause he thinks his clan should be the only FS17 fire clan, and like someone said this is farming sim not fire sim and Miller blaming me for the leak after I took all his mods off my laptop cause I wanted nothing to do with it, and I will come back in 6 months and I bet this will still be here
  • @unknown
    2018-08-31 06:10
    You know @Giants is right. Whenever a mod is in Giants Editor it becomes a Giants mod. and @@UNKNOWN is right. Miller wants his Clan to be the only FS911 clan
  • Georgepalmerisafuckboy
    2018-08-31 06:12
    George Palmer is a fuckboy and a crybaby. I was in a Fivem community with him at one time and all he did was whine and complain i wonder if hes the same way in farm sim.
  • Jake
    2018-08-31 06:13
    why dont all you ones talking shit say your names bet you wont im not afraid to i work with miller and have copies of the copyrights for the skins so go for it see how far it gets you i hope you get banned from all of the fs17 communities slum bags you destroy all the good mod makers
  • @jake
    2018-08-31 06:19
    If he doesnt want to show people the copyright document then how do we know if he is telling the truth?
  • Jake
    2018-08-31 06:23
    well he will not give that out when you treat him like shit iv known and worked with him longer than anyone that has commented you treat him with respect he would have no problem i do know for a fact he has sent a copies to the page and may other mod sites and alot of other places
  • Colten
    2018-08-31 06:50
    You know whats funny. I was accused of "leaking mods" and yet no lawyers have contacted me and its been over a month. He does not have anything copyrighted. The nation copyright office has nothing for "John Miller" in there system. Also he has been at work all day i mean how he when hes not even part of the williamsport fire department along with the forestry task force he claims to be part of also which according to FEMA he is not associated with them either.
  • Colten
    2018-08-31 06:51
    Also i have pictures of miller not doing his job when it comes to protecting his community. Someone is his group was talking about having child porn and miller has yet to do anything about it.
  • Jefferyminkleisgay
    2018-08-31 07:06
    Oh Jeff who is the one that can't do the math right oh wait that your the one that said I block him 5 times on facebook when I only unfriend him 2 time and block him
  • Coltengay
    2018-08-31 07:42
    Colten your a fag and nobody wants to be your friend. and you are a mod leaker
  • Jake
    2018-08-31 07:42
    thats ok colten your the one who beats your children with a belt i have heard the recording so i will just call child protecting services since i was given your address and you dont know miller like i do and they are telling you this because miller ask them too ass your a child beating mother fucker that deserves to die and be in hell i cant believe your wife loves you for what you put her through you no good piece of shit child beater
  • Jeffrey
    2018-08-31 07:44
    I have yet to say shit on here so how about you be a man and message me not hide behind a name like the little bitch you are. everyone needs to just shut the fuck up take the dick out of there asses and move on. The group owners need to man up and work together even though a few are far from men.
  • Coltengay
    2018-08-31 07:45
    hey colten you should shove something up your ass and think what you have done you peace of shit
  • Colten
    2018-08-31 07:47
    ok you dont see me hiding call them ill be at home waiting for them. also its called discipline which is a way that teaches children to grow up to be better. my kids have respect more than most adults in this world cause i enforce respect to them. yes i spank my children with a belt and i will not hide that i do that. so if you want to call me out on something maybe you should get your facts right. :)
  • Coltengay
    2018-08-31 07:50
  • Jeffrey
    2018-08-31 07:53
    Everyone knows who uploaded the mods that person has already admitted to it. So everyone just needs to move on and work together and make the fs community good again not run around leaking everyones mods because your mad at them.
  • Colten
    2018-08-31 07:57
    Oh i wish i could be as stupid as some people. I mean yet you keep saying stuff that makes things worse for yourself. Good job keep it going only gives me more proof. How is spanking a child child abuse? must be a liberal thing to not discipline children and expect them to grow up and show others with respect. But hey if thats abuse than go ahead and keep telling yourself that. Ill be here at home waiting for who ever you want to call to show up.
  • Colten
    2018-08-31 08:02
    Call them. Man up and call them. I am not going to hide from anyone or anything. hell your man enough to verbally attack a 3 year old and a 9 month old. Why dont you man up and come after me with your lawyers and your child protective services.
  • Jim


    2018-08-31 23:54
    LMAO This has to be the funniest shit i have read in a long time. 33 comments of damn bull shit. Hahaha thanks for the entertainment. And a plus note.. No damn Law Enforcement Officer will waste there time ever, and i mean ever about a kids game!!!
  • Trucker123
    2018-09-01 10:06
    lol i have the mods come find me john miller
  • Palmer
    2018-09-01 17:17
    For those who don't believe that these are copyrighted, I have the proof and I am going to share it with you, so this means that if it doesn't look like this that mean someone edit the file where it says it Copyright (C) MooreMods, Miller INC All Rights Reserved.
  • Trucker123
    2018-09-01 18:01
    @PALMER all you,me and other know miller is a fuck boy
  • This is actually sad
    2018-09-01 18:03
    this community is fucked and a lot of the comments above prove this
  • Trucker123
    2018-09-01 18:48
    but the mods look like a 5 year old did the skins
  • Jake
    2018-09-01 20:13
    thats is why you are all being banned
  • @jake
    2018-09-02 02:24
    Big word from someone and being banned from what Miller shitty ass group, I think i am going to track the mods down and upload every last mod he has on his server, get black listed for something that i never done hell might as well do it
  • Name
    2018-09-02 07:07
    1327 downloads............ awful lot of money to shell out for lawsuits huh Miller?
  • @name
    2018-09-02 16:24
    I know right he looking at spending 66,700 to 200,100 dollars to go after each one, make me wonder where he going to come up with that kinda cash
  • Lmfao
    2018-09-03 01:02
    cant sue anyone over a mod you idiots LMFAO...once the mod is in giants they own it....HAHAH fucking stupid kids
  • @lmfao
    2018-09-03 19:44
    John think just because that he puts his clan name on that it copyrighted, Oh and Mr. Miller stilling waiting on the lawsuit papers from you, wanna act all big and bad you lying piece of shit the cops where you live don't like you and refer to you as the local turd cause your starting shit, so guess what you want to make threats here I will tell you this you don't have my address and if you look it up I will send your lying ass to prison for looking up personal information
  • Bear county fire department
    2018-09-22 00:24
    This is a nice pack, based off of my department, but don't steal mods just like ECMODS said, take his advice and make your own mods.
  • @bearcountyfiredepartment
    2018-09-24 18:46
    Let me set you straight John didn't make any of them all he did was a lag infested skin on such nice mods, and I just google Bear County Fire Department and guess what their none
  • Random
    2018-10-13 05:13
    DONT goon a public forum claiming to be a state police also copyright is lawsuit NOT criminal
  • @random
    2018-11-01 04:08
    I know that, you know that and everyone else know that but however MIller thinks that just because he did a Shitty ass skin that it copyrighted , Oh Miller waiting on papers that you oh so threaten every one with, Who else has Giants Email Address cause I know I do threating to sue to get money as i pretty sure that Giants would love to hear this one
  • A guy
    2018-11-01 21:48
    Im gay
  • Penis
    2018-11-02 02:01
    everyone in this thread is gay
  • Hemorrhoid rogers
    2018-11-02 02:04
    fire trucks are gay
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