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New Holland Soll TT 28/30 final
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New Holland Soll TT 28/30 final

Portugues: Mod Brasileiro ,com 20 Metros de comprimento ,Potencia minima é de 270 CV ,pantografica e flexivel

Ingles: Mod Brazilian, with 20 Meters of length, Minimum power is of 270 CV, pantografica and flexible

Alemão: Mod Brasilianer, 20 Meter in der Länge, minimale Leistung beträgt 270 PS, und flexible pantographic


  • Sturdy
    2017-04-17 10:41
    Error: Can't load resource 'C:/Users/../Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/fs17ru_New_Holland_Soll_TT/dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua'.
  • Guest2
    2017-04-17 15:58
    The download is Missing the I3D file.
  • Luiz eduardo
    2017-04-17 16:28
    It's another system, to make editing difficult
  • Luiz eduardo
    2017-04-17 16:31
    Hello sturdy , she does not have any script, but I will help correct this error, we have tested on our social networks, and only her mistake was found, maybe there is incompatibility, or some conflict!
  • @guest2
    2017-04-17 16:38
    Unlike what the asshat Luiz Eduardo said, it's not "another system", the i3d was renamed to Thumbs.dll and the xml was renamed to atank.dll These are weak attempts to to try and stop people from editing the mod. Modders that do things like this are pathetic creatures that should just keep their shit to themselves, the community won't miss them.
  • Luiz eduardo
    2017-04-17 18:19
    If you do not know how to do this, I would like to know if you have any questions or comments, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. To avoid people with little knowledge about the fact, there are editions that end with the mod, to have so much knowledge about the fact, I believe that I have already used this method, pathetic and someone as you get arranging in a publication, if not Satisfied with the modification sintase the will to remove your game,
  • Racamod
    2017-04-17 18:21
    as far as I know I publish my thing to play, not to please other modellers and creators, if it is to comment something that does not add up, nor comment, but I will continue with This system, and I'm not even there for what you think
  • Felipe krein
    2017-04-17 18:31
    We are respect modellers, who value their work and the work of other modders, people who go behind mods to get scripts and xml are idiots who have not evolved in their work, so called publishers rubbish, if you downloaded the mod to get script I'm glad you found this surprise, I realize that you do not have the ability to create a model by yourself
  • Racamod
    2017-04-17 18:36
    I hope you understand the message, we're not forbidding editing, just decreasing the likelihood that an editor will set up a john deere over it, which has been happening on many sites
  • Nobody cares
    2017-04-17 19:08
    These guys spend more time trying to rename files inside the zip than they do on the mod itself. Read the modDesc, it'll tell you the name of the vehicles xml file. Open the vehicle xml file and you'll get the name of the i3d file. Change the file names to what you like and edit as you please :)
  • Racamod
    2017-04-17 19:24
    As I said the intention is not to prohibit editing, but to reduce some of the issues, whoever wants to enter, some more people will not know, but it is convenient that they already knew this method, I just do not see the meaning to want to comment things wherever they come To try to offend the moders, well we are not in the habit of doing this, and we are going to start with this method,
  • Racamod
    2017-04-17 19:34
    I hope this subject ends here, this site is for players to download the mods, not to be an audience of a conflict
  • Nonnus
    2017-04-17 19:37
    Tanta protecção da treta que o mod nem funciona como foi lançado, obrigando os jogadores a editar o mod para o por a funcionar. É daquelas situações que se pode dizer que o feitiço se virou contra o feiticeiro.So much crap protection that the mod does not work as it was released, forcing players to edit the mod to make it work. It is from those situations that one can say that the spell turned against the sorcerer.
  • Jama
    2017-04-17 19:54
    Who wants put the mod in right fallow this steps: 1ª extract the zip 2º click with the left mouse button in moddesc.xml / proprerties and remove "only read" 3º open moddesc.xml and put this $ on dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua"> like this:
  • @racamod
    2017-04-17 19:54
    Your protection methods are lame and futile. As Nonnus said, you just complicate your end and produce a mod that doesn't work properly. For what? The mod is easily edited anyways. You guys make it difficult only for yourselves, which is pointless. If you release a mod, it's going to be edited, that's a fact. If you don't like this, don't mod.
  • Jama
    2017-04-17 19:55
    Who wants put the mod in right fallow this steps: 1ª extract the zip 2º click with the left mouse button in moddesc.xml / proprerties and remove "only read" 3º open moddesc.xml and put this $ on dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua"> like this: "$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
  • Racamod
    2017-04-18 00:43
    vamos fazer o seguinte ,estaremos mechendo com outros metodos ,espero que parem de ficar comentando coisas que n venham para somar ,aqui em nosso pais resolve pra algumas coisa ,vamos respeitar a opinião de vocês ,porem peço que deixem os comentarios só e existe algum arro na modificação
  • @racamod
    2017-04-18 01:13
    I can agree with that.
  • Racamod
    2017-04-18 01:19
  • Nonnus
    2017-04-18 02:12
    RACAMOD Existe um erro, mas não é um erro qualquer, é um erro que invalida o uso do mod e as protecções da treta que puseram dificulta a resolução desse erro, a quem tem poucos conhecimentos. Para quem tem alguns/muitos conhecimentos as protecções que vocês puseram não dificulta em nada a edição do mod, podendo ser editado na mesma. Portanto só prova que é inútil por esse tipo de protecções. E Antes de lançar um mod convêm testar o mod como vai ser lançado para evitar este tipo de situações.
  • Racamod
    2017-04-18 02:56
    sim porem é um metodo que iniciantes não façam tanto erro ,não estamos proibindo a edição ,apenas não fazerem tantos erros ,testamos em 100 computadores antes de postar aqui ,nenhum possuiu tal erro
  • Thawk09
    2017-04-18 07:30
    Moddesc version is wrong to it should be 32 not 31
  • Bob


    2017-04-18 14:39
    I cant figure out why you would try to keep people from fixing this thing. You spent more time making it hard for people for work on than actually scripting the mod. I had 3 pages of errors in my log that had to be fixed. Script errors, texture, clip distance, why would you not look in your own log and fix before uploading?
  • Thawk09
    2017-04-18 17:05
    @LMAO hiding behind that keyboard again you coward WOW Funny my stuff works and are error free you Dipshit Just WOW
  • Racamod
    2017-04-18 19:02
    Guys, please if you want to think about who does mod best, contact by some email or social network, for God's sake, if someone is not happy with the mod just do the steps to remove, leave only comments for some error That we can tidy up, if you did not like the mod or you think the method is wrong, remove it from your mod folder, for god's sake guys
  • @thawk09
    2017-04-18 19:07
    All we have seen from you is a bunch of mods you have ripped apart and put back together as one mod big freaking deal there I guess. Just shut your mouth and build one from scratch right from blender to GE to game then maybe you will get some respect for now you aren't getting shit you havn't earned it.
  • @thawk09
    2017-04-18 19:08
    Your off to a good start but that's how all modders start is editing. Editers get no respect for the simple reason we use others hard work to learn. Respect comes form building from ground up and error free the first time.
  • Racamod
    2017-04-18 19:26
    thank you
  • For the seeder
    2017-04-18 20:58
    hey non English speaking full.. apparently you cant read English give up modding..this seeder all jacked up
  • Facebook page
    2017-04-18 21:00
    https://www.facebook.com/racamodding/ go check out all his broken mods
  • Lmao
    2017-04-19 08:12
    stupid ass kid @THAWKO9 your just some keyboard worrier that has no life
  • Thawko9
    2017-04-19 09:06
    My name is Tony Hockman and I approve the last message.
  • @thawko9
    2017-04-19 23:42
    worthless piece of shit
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