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Wabash 53ft v2.2
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Wabash 53ft v2.2

Refrigerator truck "Wabash 53ft"
The trailer is sharpened under the map "Golden Spike of 1.4.2A" version is not final.

Transports the following:
- Wool, liquid and dry fertilizers, seeds;
- Meat, sausage, confectionery;
- Dumplings, stews, tomato paste, canned corn:
- Butter, bread, canned vegetables;
- Cucumbers, tomatoes,
eggplant, strawberries;
- Condensed milk, starch, packaged milk;
- Wheat flour, rye, corn, sugar;
- Yogurt (several types)
- Cauliflower, red and ordinary cabbage, watermelons, pumpkin, melon;
- Red currant, salad;
- Lemons, fish, mushrooms, egg;
- Plums, cherries, pears, oranges, apples, washed potatoes;
- Furniture, boards, timber, cement
, cardboard, paper, empty pallets;
- White and red wine, beer;

- Price 68.000
- Capacity 53.000

- Added a second spare tire;
- The list of transported cargo has been increased;
- Added script dynamic hoses;
- And other minor visual changes.

AlERK Modification

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