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Mack b61 dump fixed v1.0.0.2
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Mack b61 dump fixed v1.0.0.2

hello here i have my fixed verion of my mack B61 dump truck i had to redo all the textures bc i some people had issues of the cab not showing and other stuff so i went ahead and fixed everything and i also added some customs sounds  so if you have any problem of the mod textures not showing please post pics in the  pictures.

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  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2019-02-15 04:00
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    looks and sounds great may need some tweaks speed wise because zero to max speed is a bit unrealistic and possibly a little adjustment as to me I looks as if it's slanted forwards but that may just be me idk iam not a mod maker, but anyways other then than those 2 little tweaks I think this is a fun mod
  • Seanpierce
    2019-02-15 08:09 Send message
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    glad you like it yea it goes fast bc i learned how to make vehicles go fast and i watched a video of it and it was the first time and i like it that way bc when loaded its slow so i had to speed of the engine to make it haul a full load with out going slow
  • Wiskyfoxtrot2
    2019-02-16 00:47
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    ahh okay makes a bit of sense and I only said something about the speed because if it hits the slightest hill it will launch about 20feet in the air like some one strapped jet engines to it XD
  • Seanpierce
    2019-02-16 23:41 Send message
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    lmfao right ive could of set really high to were its going 250 mhp lol when hitting the hills you go 30 feet forward lol but i know im not like that lol at the moment i feel like im the one doing mods for fs17 still bc my laptop dont support gaints editor to make mods for fs19 im in progress of making a cat t660 dump at the moment
  • Ford fan 69
    2019-02-22 22:31
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    sweet mack 61 b dump truck I love dump trucks with huge stacks does it roll coal? like the coal roller mods (Rambo145) add that ability to a V2 & you nailed it kid.
    • Seanpierce
      2019-02-22 23:15 Send message
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      FORD DAB 69 (GUEST) YES it does it also has custom sounds as well
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