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NorthEast Kansas v2.0
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NorthEast Kansas v2.0

This is a flat map with 2 farms and 2 sellpoints.
​Central Valley AG sellpoint in the top left corner.
​Sellpoint #2 is in the bottom left corner
​main farm is in the top right corner with the main grain complex.
second farm is just below the main farm
​the second farm has its own grain complex that only lets you pull out the grain you put into it.
PDA map does not work.
​The vehicle shop is around the center of the map.
​There is no starting vehicles.

Version 2: added a sellpoin in the bottom right corner of the map. it is also a decorational feedlot.


  • Redneck75
    2017-09-22 22:28
    sorry about that guys the link to download is https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4NkmcX8JVIOSkhLNmcwZWtuUHc/view?usp=sharing
  • Redneck75
    2017-09-22 23:06
    please us the link above to download this map.
  • Total shjit
    2017-09-24 17:38
    hands down the shittiest map in fs
  • Nemodz
    2017-09-26 08:05
    this map in my opinion is a 1/10 i mean come on man this is not even a map thats worth downloading let alone play on the fields look like a 1st grader drew them and the scales dont even work it looks like you just imported everything and left it i been making maps since fs13 and i take alot of pride in my work which is why i dont publish anything but gees this is god awful and i seen some pretty bad maps but this one takes the cake.. if i were you i would start from scratch and try again..
  • Krs


    2017-10-07 14:06
    Just came across this map. Worst map i ever seen.The colors and map itself are shit. Not even worth a download.Should be taken off
  • Grizzlyman
    2017-10-15 04:07
    Ya'll are rude bunch of kids aint ya. the dude said its first map. give a god dang break. least he tried now he can work from his mistakes and try again he dont need your hate bs.
  • Redneck75
    2017-10-22 04:50
    thank you grizzlyman.
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