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Peterbilt 388 Flatbed Custom v1
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Peterbilt 388 Flatbed Custom v1

This Is My 388 Peterbilt Flatbed I have been building on for 4 weeks started with a day cab plain jane truck I used parts from 5 other trucks to make this build Log text is free any errors This build came to mind as A truck driver for 17 years myself I love trucks and was staring at this ugly day cab truck and thought this truck has potential to be a great truck and there the idea came to built it a flatbed such as one might see OTR (over the road ) Hot shot trucker one id want to drive this is what I have came up with
Flatbed haul's up to 43 bales depending on stacking
It has tension straps and yes it may have more than needed but damn You dont use all just cause they are there its to have better placement on differant loads
 look of custom chrome work added
custum lighting
lighting peterbilt tag on rear
blue purple dash lights with lighted sleeper area
full run light set under cab & sleeper and continued down bed side
full chrome stripe under cab & sleeper & chrome continued down bed
custom painted fuel tanks & extra two added as steps realistly batteried moved to side box
side boxs added
lighted across front bumperHas trailer attacher
NOTE : Trailer seen In Pics Coming soon It was built off the truck to match it and to have as a full unit its
preetty much got one issue Im trying to work out then it will be released
Have fun with it iv had fun building it

winston9587, Thunderhawk09 Flatbed build

  • Thunderhawl09
    2017-01-22 06:36 Send message
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    24 bales sorry I was thinking of the trailer
  • Thunderhawl09
    2017-01-22 06:38 Send message
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    32 bales dam I cant seem to count today 32 bales two many mods going at once sorry again
  • Thunderhawk09
    2017-01-22 16:24 Send message
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    One Issue That I know about now is the sleeper Lights Stays on My Fault I added the lines In XML File For Them But Forgot to Change node id For Those that Know how to do it and wants to fix it there self just go into xml file and change node ids of bottom two lines in both low and high in light id 21 id 22 like below the lines are in there just change 19, 20 on bottom two lines to 21, 22
  • Name
    2017-01-22 16:35 Send message
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    amazing truck... looking forward to the trailer as well... I would be happy to donate something if you can add the auto load script for both
  • Guest
    2017-01-22 18:57 Send message
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    would be fantastic truck, if was auto load and would haul pallets, etc. without loading bales manually.
  • Nick sharp
    2017-01-22 19:24 Send message
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    is it auto load
  • Thunderhawk09
    2017-01-22 20:09 Send message
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    I'm Planning on doing a auto load version soon just making sure problems are resolved in current version before adding auto loading
  • Michael
    2017-01-22 21:35 Send message
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    sad it is a nice truck but the soom in is too must. not like all another trucks. so useless in the game
  • Zzzzz
    2017-01-22 21:58 Send message
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    sweet truck im getting this one for sure (ill get the auto load version when it out) but this beast amazing, ill haul my board/lumber pallets with this truck, feed/seed/fertilizer pallets too.
  • Vosh
    2017-01-22 23:32 Send message
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    Nice truck, but the camera view is all distorted like someone screwed with the zoom or FoV.
  • Mike
    2017-01-23 00:06 Send message
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    I don't know why modders can't just leave the cameras alone and put them in like on standard giants mods....I assure you that YOUR settings or preferences are not even close to how the majority of people like their cameras. Please if you're going to release a mod make sure the cameras are all standard views.
  • Gr4p3k1lla
    2017-01-23 04:28 Send message
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    Damn thats a BEAST!!! Awesome truck, good job on it but camera has too much zoom. When will you release the pack with the trailer? Cant wait to use it!!
  • Fjwb
    2017-01-23 18:07 Send message
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    nice job i love the truck. thank you for posting it.
  • Hoosier
    2017-01-24 00:23 Send message
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    great job!
  • Thunderhawk09
    2017-01-24 01:49 Send message
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    Thank You To All And Auto Load Version coming soon I have the trailer done and ready but waiting to get the truck ready and release Together
  • Thawk09
    2017-01-25 07:51 Send message
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    Auto Load Version Has Been Released Both Truck and trailer
  • Charles
    2017-01-25 10:25 Send message
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    Will this come out for PS4 also? Thanks
  • Zzzzz
    2017-02-06 01:11 Send message
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    sweet truck & it keeps better & better with all the beds for it, i just got the log bed for it, any plan for a feed mixing bed that would greatly appreciated.
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