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Excavators Tracks Position v1.1
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Excavators Tracks Position v1.1

This mod show you current position of tracks against the cab of your excavator.

Version 1.1:
Small fixes

So when using indoor camera, you can easily know, where your vehicle will move, when you press throttle pedal. Mod is loaded to all vehicle with spec. "drivable", which have movingTool "AXIS_CRANE_TOOL" or "AXIS_FRONTLOADER_TOOL" or "AXIS_CRANE_ARM" or "AXIS_FRONTLOADER_ARM" with no limit rotation.

- position is showed in small icon next to speedometer
- green arrow icon shows direction of move
- you can reverse direction by pressing "KEY_KP_minus", if direction is displayed opposite (e.g. Ponsse Buffalo)
- reversed direction will be save for each vehicle in savegame

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comment or to [email protected] and i will fix it in next version.


  • Blacky
    2017-11-15 21:30
    don't work access denied can't open
  • Tim121672
    2017-11-16 00:17
    works perfect for me, thanks for this
  • Silviu1993
    2017-11-19 08:05
    mod video here...............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc1qP2ojNt8
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