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KST Kenworth T800 Dual Axle For That One Guy v1.0
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KST Kenworth T800 Dual Axle For That One Guy v1.0

This Is A Conversion. Took me 5 min.
I finally decided to release my Modded Mods to the public.
I do not take credit to the model but i take 100% credit for any and all additions i made to the mod.
Keep a look out for KST Logging on FS17.
I give permision to all for reuploading to other sites


And to whoever the original mods belong to.

  • Brownthumb
    2017-02-13 13:12
    found the perfect place for your truck, actually both of them, the trash bin.
  • Admin
    2017-02-13 19:20
    People Like You Is Why This Community Is Going Down Hill Fast. A Fraction Of All Mods People Create Are Getting Released Because Of Negative Feedback. Please Respect Modders For Contributing To This Community.
  • Koalat
    2017-02-13 20:26
    There was a truck release a while back last year with camera issues. If this is the same truck, I hope to God that was fixed because it was highly unplayable.
  • Brownthumb
    2017-02-13 20:38
    @ADMIN, if the above comment was directed at me i would ask that you try them for yourself and tell me where you would put them, as for the community going down hill fast, its not the negative feedback, it's the mods like this that you put or let on this site. as for respecting modders, i have every respect for modders that take the time to make or convert a mod and make sure it's clean and playable before putting it here for people to use.
  • Looks good
    2017-02-13 21:26
    well, it is not a Pete, but still looks pretty darn good.
  • Blake
    2017-02-13 21:57
    is it as full of errors and call stacks as your first one? because if so i agree with the first comment saying it belongs in the trash.
  • Admin
    2017-02-13 23:20
    Modders who deserve respect get respect. Mods like this waste people's time.
  • Works fine
    2017-02-14 00:54
    No issues with this mod no errors must be some other mod conflicting with it. Good work
  • Brownthumb
    2017-02-14 01:52
    @WORKS FINE, well you must be the one that posted this mod, or a good friend of his at least, out of respect i went back and downloaded it again, took every mod out of my mod folder, put this one in all by it's self, started a game on the goldcrest map, bought truck, drove it to house, quit game, checked log, scrollbar on side of log file was nothing but a speck at the top, would have taken forever to scroll thru all the junk that was wrong with it, so sticking to my first post.
  • Copen
    2017-02-14 01:59
    LMAO Well then blake and brownthumb why dont one of you guys go find or a buy a model, make it work in 17 and release it to the public..... The mod work for me, i have no errors and I like it.
  • Kst247
    2017-02-14 02:16
    it's cute when people fight over a mod they dont "Care" about. at least i made you waste your life in posting negative feedback constantly. here is some advice, instead of always commenting on people's mods, why not post some mods of your own? Why is it that i only see, "by looking at your profile" that you comment and never submit mods?.. i'm assuming you can only create things in your imagination from my perspective. :)
  • Brownthumb
    2017-02-14 03:09
    @KST247, at least the things i create in my imagination work, unlike the crap you keep putting out here, not once have i mentioned that i was a modder, but that doesn't keep me from looking for good mods to play the game with, and if you ever in your life time put a mod with a good clean log out here i will say , That's a damn good job, but untill then i'm not going to hold my breath, because i don't think you have it in you to do it.
  • No issues still works fine
    2017-02-14 05:32
    Nope didn't upload it and never met the guy in my life. No errors in my log runs fine drives fine and log is clean.
  • Iceman
    2017-02-14 17:51
    well im tired of trying unfinished mods.put them in the game and lights are not right,cameras are messed up.doesnt anyone ever try these before they get released?
  • Jbeard00
    2017-02-15 01:18
    You did a good job with the modeling. For some reason this brings my FPS down to about 10. A headache rack and color options would be awesome.
  • Kst247
    2017-02-17 06:26
    all lights and blinkers works on this truck, dont know why @iceman is having issues, but for the FPS issues @JBEARD0O is having, thats a computer issue, not so much a model issue. for simulation games you should be running a i7 processor with 8GB or more of ram with a GTX720+ graphics card. simulation games should NOT be played on a laptop either, just a little incite for all you wanna-be gaming people.
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