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Hagenstedt v1.0
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Hagenstedt v1.0

map conversion of hagenstedt for FS17.
so what we have is the old favorite map with all original buidings and some rather new ones.
includes all sell point with up to date triggers and traffic also pedestrian walking all over the place.
right to the fields, fields all have mission farmers or you can just purchase the fields.
Animals: cows chickens sheep and pigs.
The map was converted by myself from cratch this means the trees and grass was put in after everything worked.
version 2.0 will probably have the train in it . so dont ask where it is?
hope you like and tell me if something does not work.


  • Guest
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    virus infected download site.
  • Anonymous
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    get a decent adblocker.
  • Pierrot
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    très bon travail propre et soigné bravo a vs.
  • Wmmodding
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    Please upload to a good and fast server or use the modhub server. My viruskiller and adblocker are doing overtime as soon I hit the button........ Uploaded is bad!!!!!
  • Virus lovers unite
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    Apparently the losers on this site don't check mods, just create links, if they did check these mods like they should, their PC's would be full of viruses. Hence we wouldn't have these crap mods being uploaded with virus infected websites
  • Lucky
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