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TheOldCountryside v1.3.2.5
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TheOldCountryside v1.3.2.5

Welcome to the old agricultural landscape.
This card is invented of its own free will. In their 77 fields you will find new cultures such as. Oats, rye, spelled, mixed drinks and millet.
In the silos you can store products such as silage, grass, hay, straw, milk and water.
- Chopped straws.
- 8 outlets.
- Mud on the streets.
- seasons ready.
- sale of pellets.
- Fabrick.

Change log (version
- Card expanded.
- adapted terrain.
- Added 18 new fields.
- New map PDA.
- Added factory script.
- Compost production added (CompostMaster).
- Added production of boards.
- Additional fuel production (refinery).
- Seed production (SeedMaster) added.
- Additional production of solid fertilizer (Fertimaster).
- added 8 more farms on the map (recommended for multiplayer).
- Added water storage.
- Added fuel storage.

SeedMaster, Fertimaster, Water Storage, Grain and Liquid Silo, Fuel Storage added in each of the 8 new operations.
- Card collision adjusted.
- New sales location: Mill.
- Compost sale now possible.
- Sale of boards
- adapted NavMesh of the sheep.
- Adjusted height of several objects.
- New objects as decoration with built-in.
- Added additional space for placements next to ComposMaster. "

Modelo: Shaba FS
Textura: Shaba FS
GuiĆ³n: Shaba FS
Idea / Concepto: Shaba FS
Probador: Shaba FS
Otro: Shaba FS

  • Luna84
    2019-02-13 23:12
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    leider nur ls 17 ist im 19 ner nicht nutzbar
  • Eliminator
    2019-02-22 02:51
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    could we see the map itself?
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