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SA Storage pallets v1.0.0
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SA Storage pallets v1.0.0

Presenting you our additional mod line of "Industrial fashion "SVAPA agro"".

This set of premises for the storage of pallets with finished products. Storage allows you to place each on 100 pallets with each of the products. As needed you can pick up from the store the products for sale or for use in production.

Warehouses can store:
1. The empty pallets (from our first fashion
SA Production of pallets (V1.0.4)). You can download it here http://ul.to/qov14vdz , or here http://uploadfiles.eu/aqtjuv4pjitb/SA_Palettenwerk_placeable.zip.html
2. Cardboard (from our second fashion
SA Cardboard factory (V1.0.2)). You can download it here http://ul.to/ec2pyi27 , or here http://uploadfiles.eu/1lpmhhcixa0b/SA_Kartonfabrik_placeable.zip.html
3. Fruit varieties (from our third fashion S
SA Greenhouse (V1.0.1)) you can Download it here http://ul.to/vbcut79v or here http://uploadfiles.eu/eqog5utwui0p/SA_Greesnhause_ModPak_placeable.zip.html

ATTENTION! Can only be stored pallets with products of our mods!

FORBIDDEN: changes and additions in this mod.
Posting on other websites is permitted only with original link and the original screenshots.

Special thanks to marhu and kevik98 for scripts.
SPECIAL THANKS Blacksheep-RC-Devil for help and advice.

Developer: Svapa-Agro

  • Defoden
    2017-03-17 06:24
    Thank you to you and super your mods. I love This !salutations et good Day !
  • Hsayar
    2017-03-17 07:33
    Thanks.En yakın zamanda SA Orchard (şerbetçiotu, kiraz, erik, üzüm, zeytin, portakal, limon, vişne) modunuda görmek ve SA Green houseda ürün çeşitlerinin (domates, patlıcan, lahana, balkabağı) artmasını dilerim.
  • Hsayar
    2017-03-17 07:57
    I have a registerCategory.lua file in a mode (koegel_silotanker.zip)."RegisterCategory = {};Function registerCategory: loadMap (name)Local category = FillUtil.registerFillTypeCategory ("flourCarrier");Local goods = {"wheatflour", "ryeflour", "maizeflour"};For i = 1, #goods doLocal index = FillUtil.fillTypeNameToInt [goods [i]];If index thenFillUtil.addFillTypeToCategory (category, index);End;End;End;
  • Hsayar
    2017-03-17 07:59
    Maybe you are adding a new product group in the form of; You can categorize "greenhouse", "fruit" and "timber products" products. (Boardpallet, EmptyPallet, Cardbox, Barrel) sa_FruitsGod (raspberry, strawberry, red currant, tomato, cucumber, pumpkin, lettuce, eggplant, cabbage, apple, pear, cherry, hops, olives, grapes)
  • Farmsimmac
    2017-03-20 18:43
    very nice set of mods, Really Enjoy, Thanks
  • Fs 17 ytb cnl
    2017-03-22 09:04
    The output trigger counter not zeroed Until you restart the map
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