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KST Volvo EC300 v2.4.7
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KST Volvo EC300 v2.4.7

Yet another and probably final edit of the Excavaotr with working thumb.

I finally decided to release my Modded Mods to the public.
I do not take credit to the model but i take 100% credit for any and all additions i made to the mod.

Keep a look out for KST Logging on FS17.
I give permision to all for reuploading to other sites.


And to whoever the original mods/model belongs to.

  • Tfgtoup
    2017-10-08 21:25
    ses bizzar quand ses pas nous qui metton des mods de d autre team personne commente et chialle mais se n est pas plus correct alors je veut plus rien entendre de personne pour nos prochaine sorti de mods gang de pute
  • Kst247
    2017-10-09 01:00
    i know English is a difficult langue but lets give it a shot
  • Kst247
    2017-10-09 01:10
    and credits do sayAnd to whoever the original mods/model belongs to.
  • @kst247
    2017-10-09 10:28
    Warning: Missing l10n for button Bucket in KST_VolvoEC300Warning: Missing l10n for button HideBucket in KST_VolvoEC300Warning: Missing l10n for axis Thumb_2 in KST_VolvoEC300 also both tractors tracks spawn in ground
  • Silviu1993
    2017-10-09 15:57
    mod review here................thttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I0K5W9vjZ8
  • Kst247
    2017-10-10 00:30
    thank you for the feedback. them small issues will be fixed this week in a new update.
  • Kst247
    2017-10-10 00:35
    that mod review is not for my version of excavator. @SILVIU1993. My version has a thumb.
  • Silviu1993
    2017-10-10 18:00
    mod review here ................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtJ8AHS_Hmsthis is you mod ?
  • Kst247
    2017-10-11 00:21
    that one is. thanks @SILIU1993
  • Brutal mike
    2017-10-21 22:40
    TFS GROUP c'est ta mère la pute
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