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PV Rivers Reloaded Map v2.1
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PV Rivers Reloaded Map v2.1

A certain streamer and I had a conversation about me doing a map for him for his stream. He wanted me to convert Dajnet's PV Rivers from FS15. As people know, Dajnet uses a special script for his maps. I decided to convert everything over to the factory script from kevink98/Marhu. So while it does include a lot of factories, many things have changed for this version. There are buildable factories in this as well. This map was built for the way I like to play. That is, high quantities and elimination of certain tasks. For instance, you will find this map does not have bunkers at the BGA since I don't play with them. Use the fermenting silos at the BGA or animal farm instead. This map was going to be kept private, but I decided I wanted to release it. The streamer that I mentioned above didn't like that, even though he had told me multiple times he had no problem with whatever I decided to do with the map. The bottom line is, I created this. I spent over 200+ (maybe 300, honestly I don't know) making all this work. This is mine to release, so here it is. This has been tested extensively by myself, the streamer mentioned above, and a gentleman by the name of Mr. Spuddweiser. I can't say we've caught everything as I'm sure there's things here and there, but I think we did pretty good. There will be no future updates for this map or any support offered. With the public release, I'm moving on from this project once and for all. New changes for version 2.1: - Fixed sugarCane for the latest Giants patch.

Dajnet, kevink98, Marhu

  • Ente
    2018-06-09 22:30
    die gibt es schon seit Dezember 2017
  • Raven2971
    2018-06-09 23:42
    this map is out already and this version it dont get dark no night and cant havest crops this guy messed this map up real bad didnt work then and most likly dont work now find the original of this map it works great just not this version
  • Gerard
    2018-06-10 20:31
    wie kan mijn zeggen elke zaaier moet hebben voor het zaaien van sugarcane
  • Choccychip
    2018-06-11 03:33
    can play Reeper's and My Edit Raven! works just fine
  • Digibox
    2018-06-11 13:50
    all your conveyor belts have an error.you can not pick up gold pieces.no grass in some places.
  • Bauer fitz
    2018-06-12 19:08
    Würde mir noch gerne Fusgänger wünschen. und eventuel vk.
  • Deafgamer
    2018-06-12 21:26
    This map is already out late last year. Yeah, this map is full of bugs. Get Reeper's, much better!Really, I prefer how the original map used to play, all original. It can be done, problem is. Nobody knows how. :(
  • Tomobrm
    2018-07-15 10:11
    My streamer friend DEAFGAMER give me that Map and i was fix some things,Map working perfect no bugs and errors but i will not upload that Map because no1 respect my work and one more thing: I have my own mods and I use them for myself, as i said no one respect me and i will not upload any of my mods on any web site any more. :P
  • Tomobrm
    2018-07-15 10:23
    I forgot something to say, lots of people steal the mods from others and then they upload mods to other websites as if it were theirs.
  • Adrien
    2018-07-16 07:20
    Bonjour, cette carte est SUPERBE et ENORME , le problème c'est que les prix de vente des usines de productions sont absents de la page " prix au 1000 litresdonc impossible de vendre la production des usines dommage …..
  • Adrien
    2018-07-16 07:24
    Hello,this card is SUPERB and HUGE, the problem is that the sales prices of the production plants are absent from the page "price per 1000 literstherefore impossible to sell the production of factoriespity …..
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