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Hello this the Fendt 1000 Vario series(1038,1042,1046,1050)with IC,andt Fendt weight 3300kg.
I think you know my mod now,i don't write all the specialisation,i write only what is changed in this version V1.5
New part(3d)
Rework roof(3d)
Rework cover(3d,textures)
Rework consol(3d,textures)
Add new light and turn light
rework more detail and some parts........
This tractor is full animated,all wheels,back loader,wippers,color,design and more......
Version V1.6
Good play and tell me if you have a bug.Steph33


  • Patrick
    2017-03-04 17:28
    bonjour STEPH3354 merci de nous faire partager ton travail avec c'est mods toujours au toprespect
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-04 17:37
    Bonjour,merci PATRICK
  • Younb
    2017-03-04 18:06
    Bravo, super travail. La classe *****
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-04 18:24
  • Madsen minnesota
    2017-03-04 18:46
    Thanks for sharing your amazing mod skills, this is by far the best mod tractor in FS17 . And thanks for not using Uploaded.net - Great work and modding skills... 10/10
  • Juju
    2017-03-04 19:54
    Merci pour se mod,on voit la vraie patte d'un modeur,superbe travail.
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-04 20:12
    Merci JUJU
  • Albert
    2017-03-04 20:59
    bonsoir super bon travail merci au modeur
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-04 21:01
    Bonsoir et merci ALBERT.
  • Dutch farmers inc.
    2017-03-04 21:15
    What has changed in the 1.6 version?
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-04 21:24
    DUTCH FARMERS INCNew part(3d) Rework roof(3d) Rework cover(3d,textures) Rework consol(3d,textures) Add new light and turn light rework more detail and some parts........
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-04 22:10
    Thank you,Madsen Minnesota.
  • Rqs


    2017-03-04 22:40
    Fantastic work! Your mods are always top notch.
  • Rqs


    2017-03-04 22:42
    Hey Steph, do you have a website? or a way for people to donate to your work? thanks mate!
  • John
    2017-03-04 23:23
    And once again you pull out a amazing!!!!! mod for download.....Great Mod!!!!!!!!
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-05 14:18
    Thank you john,@ RQS,i don't have a website,my mod is free for community farming,but thank you RQS ;-)
  • Aleksei
    2017-03-05 14:46
    STEPH3354 could you do that would the wheel is not bent on the turn
  • Aleksei
    2017-03-05 14:46
    STEPH3354 could you do that would the wheel is not bent on the turn
  • Fendtfan12345
    2017-03-05 15:05
    I have the problem that the indoor lights and button lights gauges are not working at Night I even cant see the display . even if If I turn of all other mods the bug is still there is that my fault or could you fix that pls, or does anyone else have the problem to? But except this small bug this mod is amazing!!
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-05 15:22
    Fendtfan12345,no problem with me.
  • Husar
    2017-03-05 18:44
    The best tractor in the fs 17. You can see you have put him in a lot of work. Thank you for such a wonderful and polished mod and I wish you continued success.
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-05 19:40
    Thank you HUSAR.
  • Jos


    2017-03-06 11:50
    STEPH33, thanks for the beautyful mod, stay doing what you doing with you'r awesome work!
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-06 13:46
    Thank you JOS.
  • Farmer1602
    2017-03-06 14:57
    Merci et encore bravo pour ce mod hors normes.
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-06 15:04
    Hey,merci a toi FARMER1602.
  • Memyselfandi
    2017-03-06 16:36
    THX Steph such a good Fendt! Giants shut hire you Bro!Btw cud you bring color coice at the rims plz? ore give black rims on it plz THX mate
  • Rytis1
    2017-03-06 17:10
    Dear STEPH33 maybe you can add better front lights?
  • Rytis1
    2017-03-06 17:13
    and more powerfull plz
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-06 18:25
    HI RYTIS1,i think front lights are good,and no more powerfull;-)
  • Husar
    2017-03-07 11:50
    I suppose that without your consent have changed here links to Fendt.http://ls-world.pl/mod/details/28406
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-07 14:01
    Yes HUSAR,i only upload here.
  • Anton
    2017-03-07 19:40
    Beautiful tractor! Danke you! Can you please fix bug on wheel?http://i.imgur.com/IodpasZ.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/SDSqUaF.jpg
  • Rotalumis gnimraf
    2017-03-07 19:49
    C'est un truc de ouf. Un superbe travail STEPH3354. Merci pour ce joli mod ... au plaisir d'en trouver d'autres sign├ęs de ta griffe ...
  • Steph3354
    2017-03-07 19:58
    Thank you Rotalumis gnimraf.
  • Alan
    2017-03-10 09:02
    Love this tractor, I only wish it worked with course play though.
  • Ron


    2017-03-15 19:40
    Steph33 I LOVE this tractor. Your attention to detail is outstanding and the dash lights up and the warning lights for beacons and work lights is wonderful. I agree with MEMYSELFANDI Giants needs to hire you. Thank you so much.
  • Marcel
    2017-03-31 12:29
    Great mod but it is to fast. the technical documents speak about 40-50 or 60 km/h.Not nearly 80 like now.
  • Tex


    2017-04-05 11:33
    Very cool and well done Fendt. Engineered and most importantly, many engine versions. Thank you for such a great mod and for the time dedicated to him. I wish also many successes and more wonderful mods. I apologize for the mistakes but I use the translator.
  • Franco
    2017-10-16 01:29
    Engine sound is not realistic
  • Pravus
    2017-11-02 01:17
    Wow, this blows away the mod contest version of the Fendt 1000, Fantastic job! Only issue i've seen so far is very, very minor. Pottinger Nova Cat 301 ED + Nova Cat X8 ED sit too high / weird angle, occasionally missing grass. The small Brendal fertilizer spreader also sits too high / weird angle.
  • Pravus
    2017-11-02 01:18
    important detail, mowers on the front, brendal on the back.
  • Pravus
    2017-11-09 21:59
    -BUG- Unfortunately, i'll stop using this tractor. The most important mod for me, for whatever reason, will not work with your tractor, unlike every other tractor in game. It's the Drive Control mod, more importantly the "implement control module". It allows double key bindings (two actions, one key) to lower and turn on an implement with out using the "G" key to select the implement. It doesn't work with your tractor. But works with most other tractors. :(
  • Patero
    2017-12-23 09:10
    hello steph I wanted to ask if I can get a release from you for your fendt 1050 we have done a lot more like dynamichoses co-driver script rul rebuilt rims color changed approval script would be nice if you would give me that okay so that he was to christmas for the others are availablebest regardsPatero
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