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Heavy Rescue pack v0.0.1
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Heavy Rescue pack v0.0.1

Welcome community, I have put together a mod pack for you.
The Heavy rescue pack contains 5 pickups,1 car, 4 Tow trucks,
2 18wheeler, 2 buses, and one superb log truck.

More update will be made in the future

plz, leave a comment down below on what can be added to the pack.

all mods credits got to there creators

  • Bob


    2018-09-21 13:02
    maybe some more recovery equipment
  • Tim121672
    2018-09-21 13:22
    I see the FPS is in the red on all the photos and one is clearly 4 FPS which is not playable, Not hating just curious as to why? Are these mods full of errors or are they conflicting with each other?
  • Testratyt
    2018-09-21 15:35
    my computer did like the western star wrecker rotator TIM.and BOB what kind of recovery equipment would you like to see?
  • Jeff
    2018-09-21 17:33
    How about some small tow trucks!
  • Jeff
    2018-09-21 21:02
    this isn't " fantasy truck simulator"take your crap to ATS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Testratyt
    2018-09-21 21:24
    jeff piss off you can't read can you I said no hate comments
  • Eng51ine
    2018-09-22 03:50
    Maybe instead of including my mods which I have already posted on here and on my personal website, you could have waited as they are currently being redone because the chrome drops frame rates really bad. Maybe next time you'll learn.... nope probably not.
  • Testratyt
    2018-09-22 07:00
    eng51ine stop be an ass can a crybaby
  • Jeff
    2018-09-22 15:18
    Testratytits you that cant read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the game is FARM SIMULATORnot American truck simulator asswhipe!
  • Random
    2018-09-22 19:20
    TESTRATYT those are his mods he created them so show respect towards him and remove them
  • Awww
    2018-09-23 01:40
    Aww Princess Snowflake doesn't want "hateful" comments, yet makes a pack of already released mods, gives no credit to the modders, and expects that people will be nice to them...must be fun riding the short bus, so, snowflake, what color is your helmet?
  • Stolen content
    2018-09-23 02:10
    More stolen mods and you wonder why most modders have said "Fuck off" and stopped releasing shit. People like you are a fucking cancer on the community. You take what people have made and bundle it up and push it out like you made it. Fucking hate you people for reals. Credit the Modders and ask to release it and maybe you wouldn't get "Hate comments" #haza
  • Max221
    2018-09-23 09:39
    I too agree. This is a pack full of stolen mods. Show some balls and remove these mods like the mod thief you are. Donkey!!
  • Random
    2018-09-23 23:23
    Where should I put my "Hate Comments"?
  • Well
    2018-09-28 03:02
    where can I board the hate train
  • Magicman
    2018-11-28 21:15
    testratyt i agree with you i m no modder don t have the skills the modders that make mods and post them here on modhub are wanting to share their work i ve been over to the modland site the mods are ok the modders are gonna get tired of all the fussing about how bad their mods are and quit uploading them or have them on a patroen where people have to pay for them
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