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Cornbelt 16fach v1.0.0.0
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Cornbelt 16fach v1.0.0.0

Ihr macht Standardkarten mal schnell in der Mittagspause? 4-fach Karten sind beim Kaffeetrinken abgearbeitet? Ihr habt euch schon immer gefragt, 3-fach bereifter Big Bud wofür?
Für Kilometerliebhaber, Hektarfetischisten, Speedfarmer und Hardcore Courseplay Single Player die eine Möglichkeit suchen alle Gelüste zu befriedigen.
Wir, das D-S-Agrarservice Team, präsentieren voller Stolz und Freude, die
LS2017 16-fach Cornbelt!
Der Maisgürtel des mittleren Westens der USA.
Mittlerweile zum Grain Belt gewandelt, gibt es natürlich auch auf dieser liebevoll gestalteten und durchdachten Karte nicht nur Mais, sondern auch alle anderen Früchte und Tiere, die standardmäßig vertreten sind.
Einigen vielleicht noch aus den Endtagen des LS15 bekannt, von Vielen geliebt, von anderen gehasst aber immer wieder hervorgekramt, weil selbst 4-fach Karten einfach nicht genug Kilometer bieten, ist sie neu gestaltet und digital remastered worden.
Nach langen Nächten, internen Tests, Diskussionen, Anregungen und Hektolitern von Bier stellen wir euch hier nun die offizielle  Version der Cornbelt zur Verfügung.
Kommen wir, für alle Wissensdurstigen und Beschreibungsliebhaber, zur Aussattung der Karte und als erstes dem wichtigsten Hinweis. Der Zug ist euer neuer bester Freund!

You make standard cards fast in the lunch break? 4-way cards are worked out at the coffee machine? You've always asked yourself, triple frosted Big Bud for what?
For kilometer lovers, fast food players, speedfarmer and hardcore courseplay single players the one possibility to satisfy all cravings satisfy.
We, the D-S-Agrarservice team, present with pride and joy the
LS2017 16-fold Cornbelt!
The maid's belt of the Midwest of the USA.
In the meantime the Grain Belt has changed, there is, of course, also on this lovingly designed and thought-out card not only corn, but also all other fruits and animals, which are represented as standard.
Some may still be known from the end days of the LS15, loved by many, but hated by others, because even 4-fold maps simply do not offer enough kilometers, it has been redesigned and digitally remastered.
After long nights, internal tests, discussions, suggestions and hectoliters of beer, we now offer you the official version of the Cornbelt.
Let us come, for all those who are knowledgeable and descriptive, to furnish the map, and, first, the most important reference. The train is your new best friend!

jurry, Kastor

  • Wrangler
    2017-09-09 00:19
    Can you upload this somewhere else besides ul.to please? ul.to is a piece of crap. Way too slow for a 750mb file. Thanks!
  • Jurry
    2017-09-09 00:31
    google it and you will see
  • Jurry
    2017-09-09 00:37
    @WELL NO THANX ASSHA.... im sorry pop tart are we a little salty to day did you not get your way with a download
  • Jurry
    2017-09-09 00:38
    @WELL NO THANX ASSHAT.... im sorry pop tart are we a little salty today did you not get your way with a download
  • Hmadsen
    2017-09-09 00:40
    Dont download guys.!
  • Jurry
    2017-09-09 00:42
    @HMADSEN.. y'all are just mad cuz you cant get your way with a map poor little baby's times have changed bummer :(
  • Stars
    2017-09-09 00:51
    is there traffic by any chance
  • Jurry
    2017-09-09 00:52
    @HMADSEN awww are we name calling we must be in the second grade..you are just mad cuz you cant download a map from a different download site...you can get your way..sorry buddy this isn't burger king
  • Jurry
    2017-09-09 00:54
    @HMADSEN awww are we name calling we must be in the second grade..you are just mad cuz you cant download a map from a different download site...you cant get it your way..sorry buddy this isn't burger king
  • Jurry
    2017-09-09 01:03
    @HMADSEN lmao bud you are just mad cuz you cant get your way..hahah...do you need a happy meal its ok i understand :)
  • Hmadsen
    2017-09-09 01:10
    lmao.. You've been trolled...!
  • Jurry
    2017-09-09 02:10
    @HMADSEN are we five know grow up kid
  • Gord
    2017-09-09 02:39
  • Wrangler
    2017-09-09 04:55
    After poking around, I see that the loading problem is because THERE IS NO map01.i3d. Duh! Gotta have one of those......
  • Jurry
    2017-09-09 06:17
    with 310 downloads and y'all cry babies the only one crying about a map that works for other players this shit is funny as heck..just shows y'all haven't grown up yet..and for y'all shit talkers man you must think your really tough behind a keyboard... CHEERS pop tarts
  • Crap map
    2017-09-09 06:52
    What a waste of harddrive and internet space,why not make a good map?
  • Wrangler
    2017-09-09 07:04
    Jurry, careful what you say, tough guy. y'all. What goes around, comes around.....
  • Farmerst
    2017-09-09 09:02
    remove this bad map
  • Tommy0680
    2017-09-09 11:30
    Nice map Jurry&Kastor;, Will be fun giving this map "some" hours. And to inform, the ground modification mod might cause the map to freeze, that happened to me. and one question, does others have the issue of game closing when you get too close to the maps edge? informative feedback is appriciated. Thanks.
  • Thecleaner
    2017-09-09 12:28
  • Rayamo
    2017-09-09 14:12
    @Jurry: That happens when anyone was stealing a map, made a worst translation und uploaded this. A sorry, I am a German and speak German fluently. It tooks only a few views to see, what happens. The google translator is not really usefull.-fach menas -times
  • Drmodding
    2017-09-09 16:48
    Take a look at this fs15 (crap) http://www.farming2015mods.com/farming-simulator-2015/maps/corn-belt-16x-v-0-9-map-fs15/ . Download our UMRV MAP 2.1
  • Name
    2017-09-09 19:08
    map will not open
  • Blu


    2017-09-09 19:50
    map will not open dude
  • Mapiscrap
    2017-09-09 20:51
    Jurry, you're a retard
  • Michael
    2017-09-09 20:53
    Map has no i3d file in it so won't work
  • Google
    2017-09-09 21:17
    .rar, no wonder some people are whining, they dont know the game doesnt support that kind of file. basic knowledge guys....... cmon..... google is your friend.....
  • Dominic
    2017-09-09 21:41
    um the map doesn't start up if you click start the start will go away and that space will be black forever
  • Joop
    2017-09-09 23:02
    You fcking KUNT
  • Dan


    2017-09-10 13:42
    Its too bad this cant be posted here on Modhub for download. I would like to play it, but have been unable to download it
  • Faelandaea
    2017-09-10 20:00
    Fortunately someone was kind enough to upload this to a legitimate site. However, after reviewing the map I have to say it is very poor quality and little to absolutely no effort was put into making it. I'd have to recommend passing at this time, folks.
  • Wrangler
    2017-09-10 20:53
    I'm playing the FS15 version of this map right now. It is 277 mb in size and runs and looks great. We just need someone with enough talent and no attitude to convert it to FS17. Anyone up to the challenge?
  • Wesley
    2017-09-10 23:16
    nao ta funcionado nao fica so carregando
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