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Geringhoff Harvest Star HV660 v1.0
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Geringhoff Harvest Star HV660 v1.0

Geringhoff Harvest Star HV660 a collapsible cutting. Works with any Drescher and wheat, barley and canola can harvest. To acquisition it would be at least 41,000 to have great on the account. The daily maintenance costs amount to 175 Euros per day. However, the cutting would be more for small to medium sized farms, because the working width is 6.6 meters.
ps have another little surprise in there with
pps As already known, nix WITHOUT permission! Neither anywhere else upload or change. I got the permission to publish it!

Modell: usxi7sd, Miichi77, Xaglom
Textur: usxi7sd, Miichi77, Xaglom
Script: usxi7sd, Miichi77, Xaglom
Idee / Konzept: usxi7sd, Miichi77, Xaglom
Sonstige: 666melas

  • Bancher77
    2017-01-21 15:15
    multifruit !!
  • Fail
    2017-01-22 22:14
    Seriously incomplete.. cant hire workers.. no multi fruit.. if you are going to port a 15 mod to 17 then at least do it right. waste of time.
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