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PTS12 DH v1.1.0.0
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PTS12 DH v1.1.0.0

hier der PTS12 Drehschemel Trailer in der überarbeiteten Version.
Mod ist LOG FREE!

Textur leicht überarbeitet (Mip Maps)
neue Dirt- Textur
Abdeckplane ist nun waschbar
neue Abdeckplane (offener zustand) verbaut u. Ist nun wird nun auch Dirty
diverse xml Parameter neu eingestellt

Preis: 22500 €
Unterhalt am Tag: 54 €
Ladekapazität: 34000 Liter


Norton, sergei1994, Mad Dog, Dima Kostin, USSR, Edvinas, edited by Jekyll

  • Sturdy
    2018-07-25 10:12 Send message
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    АВТОР: Norton, sergei1994, Dima Kostin, USSR, edited by Edvinas,fixed RT-mods
  • Sturdy
    2018-07-25 10:13 Send message
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    Jekyll ,you are a thief
  • Sturdy
    2018-07-25 11:55 Send message
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    wheels, fixes, textures,all this RT-mods!!!!what added you,it's only supplements!!!!where the rest the authors????
  • Looney
    2018-07-25 21:06 Send message
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    Sturdy, stop lying and tell no shit!You do not know anything about it, spinner!Original Credits LS15:Norton, Sergei 1994, Mad Dog, Dima Kostin, USSR, Jekyll
  • Sturdy
    2018-07-26 00:25 Send message
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    LOONEY,what are you telling me? it corrected and finished RT-mods!
  • Looney
    2018-07-28 23:54 Send message
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    haha, RT mods. Anything that can is rude to other people's mods and then without permission of the modders simply to the DL.RT-mods is not an author, but a thief who is not even able to call the credits completely.
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