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Seagrave Tiller Fixed v1.0
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Seagrave Tiller Fixed v1.0

Alrighty guys, here is our first release from R&R apparatus outfitters. This is only version 1 out of many to come. Please tell us about any issues, bugs, etc. Special thanks to Ryland Amato for buying the model. Chiefromey (Me) did everything else. Have fun with it, but please if you upload it anywhere else or give it to someone please give the correct credit. The trailer/back part of the mod might be stuck in the ground when bought, just reset it and it will be fine.

Had some issues with links and half the mod not working. But it should all be fixed now.

Chiefromney, Ryland Amato, turbosquid

  • Trilou4
    2017-10-10 16:19 Send message
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    salut tu a rien compris toujours impossible de l' acheté et de l' attacher a la remorque essaie encore
  • Matéox
    2017-10-10 19:51 Send message
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    i don't have the trailler in the shop
  • Fireman159
    2017-10-11 16:18 Send message
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    As a member of the fire service, I look for fire trucks, and other mods, to use on my farm. This is the only mod, that I have found and used. And I think you done an awesome job with it. I prefer the American style of fire apparatus. For obvious reasons. Not saying the other fire truck mods are bad or anything. Just not my style of truck, is all.
  • Me


    2017-10-12 01:48 Send message
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    if you press number pad #9 it will turn on lower lights same for trailer but you need to do them separate. and the lower lights stay on permanently.
  • Gadevil
    2017-10-12 03:48 Send message
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    I noticed that some people are still having issues with this supposed fixed version not showing up in the game.
  • Gadevil
    2017-10-12 03:49 Send message
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    One of the things I found on the first version he released is that if you create a new zip file for the trailer ( I named mine the same as the original) and move the contents of the original file to the new one, and put the new zip file in your game, then it will work. For some reason, there are mods that when the uploader zips them, something isn't liked by the game engine, and you have to rezip the file.
  • Silviu1993
    2017-10-12 21:36 Send message
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    mod review big problem .................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RfzNgNWVIw
  • Jimmyblues
    2017-10-21 10:17 Send message
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    Truck shows up, won't purchase, but not the trailer and I've reinstalled the mod 5 times now.
  • Csx68
    2017-10-21 18:41 Send message
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    id get it from the fb group im part of
  • Josh
    2019-06-03 01:12
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    not on xbox one
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