Farming simulator 2019 mods
Kamaz 55102 v1.1.0
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Kamaz 55102 v1.1.0

Various minor edits.
Dynamic hoses are fixed.
Delivered by I.U. doors.
The archive was filed.
A little forwarded physics.
The trailer stops, just transports all the standard of culture.

The pack contains a truck and a trailer.
Engine power - 176 hp
Max. the speed is 68 km / h.
The volume of the trailer and truck is 15 350 liters each.
The price is 35,000 and 900 (on days 30 and 5).
Animated propeller shaft, springs, bridges, mirrors, mud flaps, instrument panel.
Working lights, mirrors.
Deformation of wheels.
Carries all the standard of culture.
Dynamic hoses.
Dust and marks from the wheels.
Dirty and washed.

Eraevgenij, [email protected]=-

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