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SA Greenhouse v1.0.1
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SA Greenhouse v1.0.1

Presenting you our third mod of the planned line of "Industrial fashion "SVAPA agro"".
It's three greenhouses in which are grown raspberry, strawberry and red currant.
For the operation of greenhouses requires the following resources:
1. Manure.
2. Water.
3. The empty pallets (from our first fashion Factory "pallets"). You can download it here http://ul.to/qov14vdz , or here http://uploadfiles.eu/aqtjuv4pjitb/SA_Palettenwerk_placeable.zip.html
4. Cardboard from our second fashion (Cardboard factory). You can download it here http://ul.to/ec2pyi27 , or here http://uploadfiles.eu/1lpmhhcixa0b/SA_Kartonfabrik_placeable.zip.html

Products: Fruit trays.

ATTENTION! Pallets and cardboard from other mods do not fit!

Fruit you can sell at the point of sale (included in Mod) or to use in our mod from the production line.
The mod is compatible 100% with all of our mods. Verified to work on the standard maps FS17 (in the screenshots the map of Sosnovka). Compatibility with other mods will be checked periodically.

FORBIDDEN: changes and additions in this mod. Posting on other websites is permitted only with original link and the original screenshots.

Special thanks to marhu and kevik98 for scripts.
SPECIAL THANKS Blacksheep-RC-Devil for help and advice.

Developer: Svapa-Agro

  • Hsayar
    2017-03-15 07:41
    Greenhouse spraying (fertilizer) will improve the realism necessary to be among the items needed.What if we add seeds / seedlings to each product instead of a separate greenhouse and select the product to be added to the green from the computer screen after the harvest?Glad to add more products; Tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin, cabbage.You can add a fruit garden in the same way. Grape, Hop, Apple, Pear, Peach,.
  • Hsayar
    2017-03-15 07:42
    Seralarda ilaçlama (fertilizer) gerektiğinden gerekli ürünler arasına alınması gerçekçiliği artıracaktır.Her ürün için ayrı sera yerine gerekli ürünler arasına tohum/fide eklense ve hasat sonrası bilgisayar ekranından seraya ekilecek ürünü seçebilsek nasıl olur?Daha fazla ürün eklerseniz sevinirim; Domates, hıyar, patlıcan, balkabağı, lahana.Aynı şekilde meyve bahçesi ekleyebilirsiniz. Üzüm, Şerbetçiotu, Elma, Armut, Şeftali,.
  • Hsayar
    2017-03-15 17:37
    In addition, sera products (strawberry, raspberry, redCurrants) andYou will add (tomato, cucumber, cabbage, pumpkin, grape, nuts)Or other food products (bread, cakes, flour, canned food, milk, fish, etc.)Are you designing a placeable Market for?
  • Svapaagro
    2017-03-16 12:42
    Thanks for the comments. We will first make all the planned line of production mods. In the future will gradually expand the functionality of each of the mods. Since we are doing this in their spare time, not so quickly all turns out. Thank you for your interest in our work.
  • Tim121672
    2017-03-17 13:10
    Thank you very much for this, it gives any map the option to be a production map. Very nice work... :)
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