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John Deere v2
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John Deere v2

John Deere pack for thoes that have been waiting
This is a personal conversion and edit of the JD 9630 scaled down to be more realistic and comparable to other in game tractors. I have added wheel configuration options when purchasing (wheel weight option has terra tires). Also, I Americanized it by removing all the Euro signage. Mod is fully washable. Everything works per my testing
Hope you enjoy the mod!
Best Regards,


  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-22 20:52
    ok no password this time
  • @cope
    2016-12-22 22:14
    thanks for not locking it i have been waiting on john deere for awhile. i see it has a warning will that effect anything in game
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-22 22:17
    no the warning is the Ic button that are missing it will not effect anything that is normal..i did not convert the john deeres i just find them as i go and check for errors or any issues that mite conflict with 17 i have more john deeres but checking for any issues that mite be a problem i will upload when its ready to be uploaded
  • Shit
    2016-12-22 22:29
    congrats on this huge piece of shit mod pack
  • Kolchose
    2016-12-22 22:54
    Warning: Missing l10n for button sidework in JohnDeere_8530_8520_USA_Pack_FS17Warning: Missing l10n for button frontwork in JohnDeere_8530_8520_USA_Pack_FS17Warning: Missing l10n for button rearwork in JohnDeere_8530_8520_USA_Pack_FS17Warning: Missing l10n for button mountsideworks in JohnDeere_8530_8520_USA_Pack_FS17Warning: Missing l10n for button Frontmudguards in JohnDeere_8530_8520_USA_Pack_FS17Warning: Missing l10n for button Rearmudguards in JohnDeere_8530_85
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-22 22:59
    KOLCHOSE the ic button is for extra features its no problem with game that is normal..some times when u convert a mod to 17 the editor calls for it to be taken out
  • Kolchose
    2016-12-22 23:07
    Ok thanks fine for the quick response
  • Guest
    2016-12-23 00:24
    those errors are a result of not correctly converting the mod. If it was converted 100% correctly it would have zero errors. Maybe stick to mods without custom scripts until you figure out how to do scripting......................
  • Copenhagen
    2016-12-23 00:44
    there is a difference between errors and warnings get your facts straight or shut your pie trap u have no idea what your talking abut
  • Guest
    2016-12-23 02:18
    yup difference in error and warning and dollars to donuts you cant explain why they show up in log as one or the other besides the word lolso when can we expect them to be error free and um yeah warning free? did you include a credits to the authors that actually made the mods?
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-23 03:07
    ~chuckles~ Let me quote this kid from the other post ... "@FAELANDAEA u say the mods have errors well i will show u how stupid u are for saying that" ... and here we have plenty of people that see the mod as ... riddled with errors :) Good job. Oh, and I can post under other names pretending to defend me, too, but I do not feel the need.Poor kid. I shall take pity now. You may now carry on with my graces. :)
  • Sam


    2016-12-23 04:53
    it says google drive link has expired
  • Sam


    2016-12-23 04:56
    it says google drive link has expiredSorry, the file you have requested does not exist.
  • Guest
    2016-12-23 06:19
    wake up he is just using it as free advertisement. look at the screenshots showing the page he wants you to go to for more craptastic mods........well played troll man well played and since nothing ever gets removed here its long term free advertisement
  • Weslox1998
    2016-12-23 12:03
    The link worked yesterday mhuawhahahahahahaha
  • Donnie
    2016-12-23 14:40
    the tractors want work on courseplay
  • Trez
    2016-12-24 02:12
    this downlowd wont work
  • Hog


    2016-12-24 18:29
    Why is this still being advertised with no working download link ! Come on mudhub get it together !
  • Donald
    2016-12-26 18:20
    can someone convert this to mod hub .
  • Nico
    2017-01-05 14:37
    why can not install this mod?
  • Damian
    2017-02-15 01:20
    the link is broken
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