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Giants LS09 Edited Final Version
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Giants LS09 Edited Final Version

Hello and Welcome to the LS09 Map Edited

Version Final
SugarCane Ready
Added placeable Place
Now Fish production need Corn
more objects in the farm and many more have fun
Added Olive Tree
Added Pears Tree
Added Kirsche Tree
Added Orange Tree
Added Marmelade Production
Added Juice Production
Added Sugar Production
Added Cider Production
Added OliveOil Production
Fixed price for Fruits and many more have fun

In the map you have all the features from the game LS17
Fields are Edited small medium and large
Rebuild the Farm The Port GerdenCenter and many more
Added more than 300 trees in the map
Added Hotel and a Big Space for Placeables Objects
Traffic and PedestrianSpline in the Map
Added some Mods not to much
Have fun

Wallpack :::: Giants --- FSmodding --- Arri
Silo Complex :::: American Eagles Modding
Weberei_placeable :::: kevink98 / Marhu / BaTt3RiE / Leprechaun
PotatoWasher :::: Marhu
Animals in The Map :::: Fullpowershift
Map Modification and Mods Building by TheSnake


  • Catweazle64
    2017-12-26 13:27
    Großen Dank für diese Map09er Version !!!Da schwebt mein Zeppelin (LZ-129 Hindenburg) über dem Hof.Toll wäre, wenn man einen "WechselModtool" zum ändern dieser Luftfahrzeuge (auch Flugzeuge; Flugboot Dornier Do-X, Doppeldecker, Heli´s und Ufo´s) gebe ?Dann könnte man auch das Luftschiff "LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin" über´n eigenen Hof einschweben lassen ?
  • Steven
    2017-12-26 15:27
    sadly this map won't load into FS17 keeps crashing the game, tried it with no mods still same result, even tried loading the map into editor, still same result will not load crashed editor as well
  • Santo0077
    2017-12-26 18:11
    It does not work if you have the mod seasons in the folder.
  • Ruimiguel
    2018-01-03 14:22
    For me too, if i select the mod Seasons crash the game and can't load my savegame..
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