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Second Gen Flatbed v1.0
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Second Gen Flatbed v1.0

Second Gen Flatbed

Original Author: ThunderHawk09


  • Hahaha
    2017-05-05 20:42
    "Hey Dodge, I need to order a farm truck, made for work. I want it to have something wrong with the engine, so it blows black smoke all the time. Its cool, and I know a healthy diesel engine doesn't do that. Also, I need big wide tires but they have to be low profile so they dont hold any weight without bursting or damaging the wheels. Thanks!"Ugly as shit.
  • Koalat
    2017-05-06 04:59
    Another truck ruined. Rubber tires and queer rims. Get a life dude and make better mods. @HAHAHA the black smoke is unburnt fuel retard, go educate yourself before you speak about something you obviously know nothing about. Lope tunes via an upgraded chip will do this.
  • Ridinhigh
    2017-05-06 07:24
    "something wrong with the engine" lmao yall are a special type of dumbass to be commenting on something you obviously know nothing about
  • Ridinhigh
    2017-05-06 07:25
    @KOALAT how bout you just dont download it if you dont like this style of truck
  • This guy
    2017-05-07 02:37
    i feel like its the same guys always running around hating on this mods. how about you stop hating and go make your own fucking mods. do oyu know the amout of time put into this mods. if you dont like them just keep moving down the page no need for your bs. once nice mod does it need work yes but its usable
  • Koalat
    2017-05-09 03:23
    @IDIOTS right... And I am supreme ruler of the world lol your Internet threats are so menacing and cute.
  • Me


    2017-05-21 22:11
    Running an overly rich fuel/air mix IS something wrong with the engine, dumbass.Pin heads do it because they think it looks 'cool'.No different than the fart can exhaust or the roller skate wheels.They would probably start crying if they actually had to do any real work with their vehicles.
  • Cman
    2017-06-16 16:50
    I like that truck, but the rims aren't my favorite. Can someone tell me how I can edit that? btw you can puff smoke like that when there is nothing wrong with the engine
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