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Second Gen Flatbed v1.0
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Second Gen Flatbed v1.0

Second Gen Flatbed

Original Author: ThunderHawk09


  • Hahaha
    2017-05-05 20:42
    "Hey Dodge, I need to order a farm truck, made for work. I want it to have something wrong with the engine, so it blows black smoke all the time. Its cool, and I know a healthy diesel engine doesn't do that. Also, I need big wide tires but they have to be low profile so they dont hold any weight without bursting or damaging the wheels. Thanks!"Ugly as shit.
  • Koalat
    2017-05-06 04:59
    Another truck ruined. Rubber tires and queer rims. Get a life dude and make better mods. @HAHAHA the black smoke is unburnt fuel retard, go educate yourself before you speak about something you obviously know nothing about. Lope tunes via an upgraded chip will do this.
  • Ridinhigh
    2017-05-06 07:25
    @KOALAT how bout you just dont download it if you dont like this style of truck
  • Koalat
    2017-05-09 03:23
    @IDIOTS right... And I am supreme ruler of the world lol your Internet threats are so menacing and cute.
  • Cman
    2017-06-16 16:50
    I like that truck, but the rims aren't my favorite. Can someone tell me how I can edit that? btw you can puff smoke like that when there is nothing wrong with the engine
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