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Tractor CBT 8060 FS 2017 v1.1
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Tractor CBT 8060 FS 2017 v1.1

First class domestic tractor CBT 8060 for work on the farm. Has a nice appearance, modern IC control, you can open the door. The tractor appears with an already built-in counterweight, and the following parameters:
Power of 135 horsepower.
The speed is 54 kilometers per hour.
The cost is 12 000 euros.
The volume of the fuel tank is 120 liters.
This instance can compete with utility tractors such as MTZ, HTZ, Ursus and other market leaders in the Farming Simulator 2017.


  • Sturdy
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    Error: index out of rangeError: failed to load i3d file ''Warning: Missing 'upperDistanceToGround' for attacherJoint 1 in H:/karty/mods/CBT8060_Cabinado/CBT8060.xml!Warning: Missing 'lowerDistanceToGround' for attacherJoint 2 in H:/karty/mods/CBT8060_Cabinado/CBT8060.xml!
  • Silviu1993
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    mod review here.......................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNiLFdfAbZU
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