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NLD nieuwholland balepress pack v1
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NLD nieuwholland balepress pack v1

With this new Holland ball press pack you can make the ball like the square as the round ball with ok the trailer with autoload function
Ok there's a towbar on it, so you can buy the standard bale trailer
What's ok to buy is in the chop with ok the caterpillar or tires
I do not give permission to edit the mod en reupload it.

Gelieve niet de mod ergens anders te uploaden zonder de originele download link!
Please do not upload the mod anywhere else without the original download link!
Bitte nicht die mod irgendwo sonst laden, ohne den ursprünglichen Download-Link!

bobje giands fa285634 marhu

  • This mod alreay exists
    2017-07-04 08:00
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    This mod is already out here in the modding community.
  • Silviu1993
    2017-07-04 13:27
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    mod video herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5Uw0RtzF_o&t=9s
  • Cengel
    2017-07-05 15:18
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    zijn het ronde of vierkante balen?!
  • David
    2017-07-05 15:21
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    Hi, who has done this mod must fix it because the bales are transparent when it is discharged
  • Bobje26
    2017-07-05 17:59
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    David send me a screenshot of the mistake
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