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36 Foot Pj Trailer v1.0
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36 Foot Pj Trailer v1.0

I do not own this mod, i simply converted it from fs 2015, and made a few small changes.


  • Wtf


    2017-01-10 08:03
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    try again it too locks up steering and gas
  • Micah1380
    2017-01-10 22:51
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    it locks up your steering pls fix
  • Jaw818
    2017-01-14 05:57
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    After Rigorous testing (see video) i cannot find this error, please make sure your game is in the latest patch.
  • Fs17player
    2017-01-15 05:37
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    Incredibly buggy. Locks up my steering control and throttle control. It feels like the mod is lagging the game to cause these issues, but I have full control of everything else and my FPS doesn't drop indicating a game freeze. Please fix. This is an awesome idea and don't want to see it left to the wayside.
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