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Hello this is the Fendt 1000 Vario séries(1038,1042,1046,1050)with IC,and Fendt weight 3300kg.
Interactive Control with sound,and sound indoor/outdoor for open/close door front,door back and roof.
Wheel wheight,twin whell rear,twin wheel front rear,twin wheel narrow
Wippers(start when it's raining)
Joystick anim
Daschboard light full
Reverse driving
Back loader
Attacher front
and more specialisation.........Good play and tell me if you have a bug.Steph33
Version V1.3 patch 1.3
Good play and tell me if you have a bug.Steph33


  • Bakey
    2016-11-30 17:21
    Another one Steph. Great work as usual. Thumbs Up.
  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-30 19:14
    Oh gods thank you :) And I plan to also do a mod video for your Challenger also :)
  • Farmer1602
    2016-11-30 19:39
    Hello Steph,Merci pour ce partage. Magnifique travail. Je charge et je test sur SilverCrest Valley.
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-01 09:03
    Gotta love the bots that keep adding completely unrelated videos to these mods. Here is a review of this mod for you folks:https://youtu.be/cVXDOF0mvw4
  • Seriously @faelandaea
    2016-12-04 02:20
    stop spamming your stupid youtube channel then... your just as bad as the bots!!!
  • Marcel
    2016-12-04 12:41
    Best mod ever, but.... After recalculating the torquescale in the xml file, i've come to the conclusion that the tractor has more hp then advertised. The 1050 has an incredible 928.99 hp, that's not realistic in my opinion. The xml file should have 2.2 torquescale instead. 500*0.0044=2.2 instead of 928*0.0044=4.08. Same goes for the lower hp versions as well.But it's a cool mod, working well. Thanks....
  • Marcel
    2016-12-04 13:22
    Best mod ever,work perfectly,thank you so much.
  • Marcel
    2016-12-27 22:35
    1. i wish to have wide wheels2. i think the fuel consumption is to low. The Fendt 900Vario use up to 150-160l/hThe Fendt 1050 use up to 50l/h on load.But its already a great mod. i love this powerful thing. :)
  • Christian b
    2017-01-05 12:59
    FENDT 1000 VARIO BY STEPH33 v1.3Hi steph you can for the 1050 still optional xenon or led install. I hope this is not too much work makes. If you could implement this would be great you are an excellent modder
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