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Savage Texas Edit v1
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Savage Texas Edit v1

Welcome to the official AK The Savage Texas map Edit. **In no way shape or form am i claiming any credit of creating this map. all i take credit for is my edit including turning all the dirt into grass, adding a tow yard, construction yard, lawn care yard, reworking the main farm and a couple of other tweaks.

This is the first release of my edit and i will do a final release once i get a few more things finished. 

Hope you enjoy!

Only credits i could find for an original author is > Txzar <

Txzar, AKTheSavage, MovieGuy, Ragin' Gaming, Rambow145

  • Brock lesnar
    2017-05-03 00:31
    so are you going to add a fire station too? that be so sweet to play lawn care/construction/tow/fire simulatorplease not I'm not serious you fucking troll!!!!!!!you ruined a perfectly good map !!
  • Akthesavag
    2017-05-03 02:31
    I'd like to see you do something better you fucking Scrub
  • Barts619
    2017-05-03 06:16
    wow ak way to treat people even though youve ruined a damn good map with all this non farming sim shit thats why they call it farm sim if you want to do construction move your little ass over to the real game for that rather then making a mock up of it in a good game
  • Barts619
    2017-05-03 06:19
    you have no respect to anyone modder or not grow a pair of balls
  • Akthesavag
    2017-05-03 10:54
    shut the fuck up and be greatful people spend countless hours creating mods people want to use. just because you don't like it doesnt mean shit. i'm tired of pieces of shit like you guys always trying to bring people down just because you don't like something. looks to me like over 400 people like this map so far. and thats just on this site. So go the fuck elsewhere if you dont like it. Fuck everyone one of you haters.
  • Akthesavag
    2017-05-03 11:01
    i highly suggest you just dont even respond.
  • Fuck you
    2017-05-03 18:53
    I wasn't going to respond until I saw your hate filled diatribe but now I feel compelled to... there are serious points brought up here. Why the fuck would you put construction in a farm sim? There are construction sims out there. Try one. And fuck your shitty edit you troglodyte.
  • Farmer64
    2017-05-03 20:10
    The 4oo is downloads but only 3 people like the map! HAHAHAHA what a tool. Just like most of the FB groups are doing towing shit so stupid!!!
  • Akthesavag
    2017-05-04 01:11
    you fucksticks are soo simple minded. i did not create the construction aspect of this game. the mods were already there. i simply gave people a place to use them.Now leave me the fuck alone. im not going to tell you again.
  • Akthesavag
    2017-05-04 01:26
    If you have any shit to talk, leave it at the door. dont bring it into this website.either that or be a man about it and come find me in TeamSpeak... How bow dah.
  • Brock lesnar
    2017-05-04 02:18
    you do realize "468" people may download your map try it out think to themselves " this map sucks!"log out of FARM SIM and DELETE your construction map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if you want a piece of me come to suplex city!!
  • Akthesavag
    2017-05-04 02:19
    That's not how this works you fake ass wrestler wannabe. you called me out, so i said come find me in Teamspeak. you cant reply with now i have to come find you. Grow the fuck up Fuckboi
  • Brock lesnar
    2017-05-04 03:54
    you have the come back of a 9 year old bravo.....teamspeak is for pussies!
  • Laughing adult
    2017-05-04 04:41
    wow the maturity in this room is amazing. thank you everyone for the laughs. AK, you could have just ignored them. i wanted to download the map just to see what it was about until i saw that you were joining them in their childish behavior. always looks better just to ignore people that weren't raised right. Brock... pick a different name, the real lesnar has embarrassed himself enough, in MMA :)
  • Akthesavag
    2017-05-04 06:18
    Grow the fuck up and move along. i dont need to hear about how you "Wanted" to download the map but didnt because blah blah blah. just by saying what you said immediately brought yourself down to their level. Grow the fuck up, "Be the bigger person" and move the fuck along. GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR
  • Coolgamer
    2017-05-05 09:32
    Ak thanks for the map people need to stop complying u did have to do this u caused to people u have a problem the way he makes a map u don't have to download it so stop complying
  • Coolgamer
    2017-05-05 09:33
    Ak thanks for the map people need to stop complying u did have to do this u wanted to people u have a problem the way he makes a map u don't have to download it so stop complying
  • Dustin4598
    2017-05-07 17:01
    shut the fuck up and leave are modding commity alone look what happen to king mrce jack ass you guys need to say sorry to ak peolpe wanted this map so he resleans it now you guys are try make him leave now not cool dudes
  • Bama
    2017-05-08 03:30
    Too Many fences wrapped around the place Delete 3/4 of the barbed wire and others it may be the best map for 2017
  • Akthesavag
    2017-06-02 20:18
    @ BAMA. So delete some of the fences around like the construction yard?Also, would you be interested seeing logging implemented into this map as well?
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