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96 Ford F350 Power Stroke v2
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96 Ford F350 Power Stroke v2

This truck was to good to be left the way it was so i made it a proper 96 F350. Still needs some more work but all the errors are gone except missing toolbox button error, But in GE its error and warning free. Camera is somewhat fixed all you have to do is spin it around and you have front view. Still learning this so bare with me. New 7.0 sounds..New textures.. Added wheel mass. Messed with center of mass and doesnt flip over so easy now. Not a bad truck for a sketchup model.

Giants, Trucker 429, The Mod Doctor

  • Tim121672
    2017-03-14 21:03
    I love this mod, thanks for working to make it better.. :)
  • Mod doctor
    2017-03-14 21:21
    Your welcome. Like i said needs a little more work but its a lot better now. Meant to say 7.3 in sounds also but hey... Lol
  • Tim121672
    2017-03-14 23:39
    WOW, looks and sounds great, AWSOME JOB!!!!! and it even has a interior cam that works now. Thanks again buddy, well done>>> :):):):)
  • Mr.grimm
    2017-03-15 12:55
    Nice model but wrong engine the original truck cam with a 7.5L gas v8 or a 7.3L diesel. But nice job anyways this truck was a real mess before.
  • Taylen
    2017-03-15 19:58
    Hey, Whoever the modder is can you also make an edit of the flat bed version of this truck and make it a 7.0 and or 7.3 please and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mod doctor
    2017-03-16 00:29
    ^^^^^ In the works as i type. Be a few days K
  • Taylen
    2017-03-19 23:15
    Sweet, Thank goodness someone looked at these two trucks and realized they were to good to be let go and not finished right and you are now my favorite modder I am on here everyday looking to see if you have put up a new mod because I'm so in love with the 7.3 you made.
  • Sarthol
    2017-03-20 06:40
  • Taylen
    2017-05-04 00:29
    Where is the dully flatbed truck
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