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ADD Fruit for LS v1.0
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ADD Fruit for LS v1.0

With this Windows program you can add a new soil texture or a new decorative fruit to your agriculture simulator map.

Soil Textures Packs:
- asphalt
- concrete old
- concrete slabs
- ground old
- earth
- gravel
- Cobblestone 2x
- Old ground

Deko Fruit Packs:
- Bear curly
- Flowers (red / yellow)
- flowers pink
- different flowers
- stinging nettle
- bush
- Deco grass
- LowGras
- Reed
- weeds

Script: TuneWar
Idee / Konzept: TuneWar
Tester: TuneWar
Sonstige: TuneWar

  • Bob


    2018-03-26 15:55
    this is a cool idea of a mod. Wish it could add actual crops, desperate for carrots onions lettuce cabbage and red cabbage on the map, just can not seem to add myself and get them working.
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