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African American Snowman v1
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African American Snowman v1

I saw the original white snowman, and I thought it was very racist, so I edited it, and now we also have an African American Snowman

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  • Tim121672
    2016-12-10 12:02
    That's just stupid bro, there is no such thing.
  • Sjwiscancer
    2016-12-10 14:33
    snow is white , thats a mudman. I dont think racist means what you think it means.
  • Jeff
    2016-12-10 14:50
    Look, it's Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo from South Park.
  • Guest
    2016-12-11 02:43
    it looks like a pile of shit
  • John
    2016-12-11 03:41
    This is some what incisive to winter and no way in hell was the white snowman was racist.
  • John
    2016-12-11 03:42
    I mean offensive.
  • Adolf
    2016-12-11 04:33
    Stupidest mod ever conceived. Literally a pile of shit. Literally.
  • Lol


    2016-12-11 05:16
    and I thought Americans couldn't be any more stupid.... or ignorant. I am shocked.... the scary part is it actually has a few downloads.... I feel sorry for you, I really do.
  • Shane
    2016-12-11 22:55
    so stupid snow is white no brown
  • American
    2016-12-13 18:16
    What the $#@! Since when have you ever went out and played in brown, black or any other colored snow than white. YOUR a racist for thinking that white snow is racist. YOU are the STUPIDEST MOST IGNORENT PERSON THAT HAS EVER PUT A MOD ON MODHUB.When I was growing up my parents told me not to play in the dirty snow, BECAUSE A ANIMAL HAD PISSED AND CRAPED IN IT!!!!!!!! YOUR SO CALLED "SNOW MAN" LOOKS LIKE A "TIRD MAN" MADE FROM LARGE BROWN PICES OF CRAP!!!! SSSSOOOOO STUPID!!!!
  • American
    2016-12-13 18:26
    Oh and another thing. To be truly African American. You would have had to have immigrated from Africa and become a citizen of the US. If you were born in America than you are American. Many people who immigrate to the US can not understand the stupidity of the Black Americans who play the race card on almost every subject. You should feel lucky you were born FREE in a FREE Country!! Go imigrate to Africa if the US pisses you off so much!!!
  • 6wfarms
    2016-12-16 02:08
    Whoa guy, I'm like 95% sure it was done as a joke, lighten up a bit.
  • Fuck
    2018-09-27 20:15
    What the fuck is the shit mod? Nobody in their damn right mind would download this.
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