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After more than a year of construction, Ma map represents a region of Normandy (Cotentin) with a relief of the same ground!
The project started a blank map (x2) by incorporating the relief of my region via google earth!
Characteristics of the map:
- 53 fields.
- 1 villages.
- 3 points of sale.
- BGA has the farm.
- Sale of milk manually.
- 1 Farmhouse
- Roads are narrow roads! Equipment max 4 Meters.
- Storage Semence is Solid fertilizer on the farm
- Storage Gazoil on the farm
- Storage Liquid fertilizing on the farm
- installation Compost master
- 2 fields with solo missions
- A Little Foret
The Map will be updated as new scripts are released.
- Mods Season Compatible
- Addition of a Foret As well as triggers of sale wood (Emerald)
- Adding a CUMA
- Curage manure cow cow is piggery
- Modification of Porcherie
- New Fruit add: Apples. Possibilities of harvesting in cages
Is to sell them at the point of sale: La Cidrerie For an apple harvest
Optimal, the apple tree requires compost or manure to have
Crate. The manure or compost is deposited on the trunk of the apple trees with a tractor equipped with a frontloder                            or with a telescopic.
- Addition of new Big Bag (seed, fertilizer) to the purchase at the concession
- Added a lot of detail is animation
- Tablet Compatible
! New Backup Required !
Thank you to all my friends for their advice, test is opinion: Mrludo40, ninix, yohan, tontonted, titi49, quentin, Altek, raxash, vincent, rafiki, apocalipse.
A very big thank you to all those who will recognize their 3D Object, Scripts, textures, etc ... Without them, it would have been impossible for me to create this maps! Thank you very much !
Creation: Niksarko

Niksarko e-3D modding

  • Fordson sm
    2017-08-25 16:00
    One of the best maps ever !
  • Whatever
    2017-08-25 16:38
    WOW!!! Just what the game needed, ANOTHER small euro map!!! Said nobody. Ever.
  • Ford
    2017-08-25 20:00
    the store gate don't open.
  • Tfsgroup
    2017-08-25 21:30
    sympa ta map...
  • Oene
    2017-08-25 21:36
    ford the store gate open it 08.00 o clock very nice map
  • Tsbteam
    2017-08-26 06:33
    go la map
  • Polombibiche
    2017-08-26 19:12
    C'est en Dl mais étant de normandie j'ai reconnu toute suite les détails apporté dans la vidéo !!! Top!!
  • Samuel
    2017-08-27 14:38
  • Jacquie&michel;
    2017-08-28 01:55
    très jolie travaille merci du partage
  • Lulz
    2017-08-28 07:05
    Just looking at that guys face made me not want to download this map.....
  • Jacques
    2017-08-28 22:21
    superbe map que du plaisir un grand bravo et surtout merci de nous l'offrir une bonne continuation bien cordialement Super map that of the pleasure a big bravo and especially thank you to offer us a good continuation cordially
  • Tractor23
    2017-08-29 16:57
    superbe carte pour moi le seule souci est qu'il n'y a pas de circulation et c'est dommage cela rend plus réaliste
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